Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tell me all the things you want to do

[white blouse: Forever 21 | indigo tie die print pants: Mossimo at Target | malachite bracelet: present from my aunt | black heels: Zara]

So unlike J, I have no valid reason for posting late! It's my birthday today though, so that has to give me some sort of immunity to any ill feelings or disappointment right? right?

This was something I wore the other weekend. My last few outfit posts have been dominated by prints; dresses, blazers and now pants. I picked up this pair at Target when I went to Buffalo in October. (Anyone else anticipating their Canadian stores opening?) They just keep my outfits from getting too boring. I have too many white blouses to count, so any bottoms that add visual interest is a welcomed addition to my closet.

I've been feeling preoccupied and contemplative lately. I should stop playing Lana Del Rey songs and over-thinking things. This annual birthday and getting older thing doesn't seem to suit me. One of the few things I do enjoy are all the birthday wishes that facebook encourages people to give me...haha!

As I get another year older (and none-the-wiser) I can't help but think about the past year. I wrote in my new year's post that I experienced some loss in 2012.

One of the biggest losses this year was, without a doubt, a person.
Someone I could always count on, vouch for in a heartbeat, watch incomprehensible indie movies and browse endless grocery aisles with. Someone who I grew up with, believed in me and made the rougher patches more tolerable. Someone I'll always be indebted to, whose friendship I was undeserving of, who if I didn't care about as much as I do, I would have never let go so easily. Someone I'm still constantly reminded of by the most random (The Nutcracker in 3D) and mundane day-to-day things (individual Heinz ketchup packages). Someone who I wish only the best for and who I miss more than they could ever know.

Sorry for the verbal and emotional diarrhea! Every now and then my ever so tiny and suppressed feminine side gets out. On a happier note though! I'm starting this birthday by crossing something off my bucket list. One of my photos is in a show at Evergreen Brick Works (will capture it in action this weekend...because hanging on a wall is super action-packed lol). Seeing one of my artworks on a wall has always been a secret wish. Volunteering for Evergreen over the past year was one of the best things I've done! Seeing my photos on their website and in their newsletter really makes me happy.



  1. Congrats on getting your work featured at the Evergreen Brick Works! Dude I used to go there and climb a fence to get in (this was before the restoration) where my friend and I would do photo shoots. I haven't been back since but I see it's been revamped and all. I'm sorry about the loss of the relationship though. Your outfit is super cute though- love how clean it is with a touch of color.


    1. Thanks Sam! haha wish I knew about it before the restoration! although I've always had terrible luck climbing fences...hello cliche getting your pants caught on wire fence experience!