Sunday, January 6, 2013

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[splatter print blazer and black pants: H&M | striped shirt and gold chain necklace: Forever21 | neon yellow bracelet: Joe Fresh | black flats: Zara]

Foraying into a print and pattern look today. This print blazer was discovered on the same trip to H&M as the matching dress in this post. Prints are one of my biggest fashion challenges, but I'm still determined to experiment with them in outfits. I think strips are "neutral" enough to pair with a print blazer, but that could just be me.

For 2013 I made a few goals (I feel like no one sticks to "resolutions").

1. Run a half marathon.
Spontaneously at the end of last year I wanted to try it. I've been hitting the treadmills almost daily since mid-December and have been steadily increasing my cardio. In another month or two, I'll start to follow a marathon training routine and run in intervals.

2. Take non-food related photographs more regularly.
Experience is the best teacher for me and when my schedule got a bit off in the latter half of 2012, I stopped going out just to shoot photos. This year I want to schedule time at least once or twice each month where I just go out alone with my camera (not for volunteer or work).

3. De-clutter.
Moving has really helped me see how much I can live without. I've been going through my things and downsizing. For example I have a lot of nail polish but there is no point to have more than I could use up in my lifetime. The things we own are useless if we can't or don't even use them. So with that mantra in mind I've been re-evaluating all the stuff I have.

4. Take time to seriously reflect on what I want to accomplish in life. 
I've always been a go with the flow type of person and rarely pursue a specific direction in life. Now that I'm in my late 20s, I definitely feel like I'm in a transitional period. I really want to stop and think about what I want to do and just go for it. This one is definitely the hardest and most vague. I have no idea how to approach it other than to try and follow what makes me happy.

- M


  1. Hey, we're not in our late 20s yet.. =P But I'm with you for #2 and #5. Btw, where's #4?

    1. Haha well mine are about to start!
      Good catch! I wrote 6-7 and realized it was getting long winded so changed a few.

      Let's go shooting one day :)
      Will tweet you soon for a meet up!

  2. I adore your style! I never stick to my New Years resolutions either :( Though like you said- not many people do! Great post :) x

    1. Hi Lucy! Thanks for your super sweet comment :)
      Good luck on any you make this year!