Monday, January 21, 2013

december/january snapshots

decjan snapshots

A peek into the going-ons of my life over the last little while...

Haha, sorry for the poor picture quality, but low-light + iPhone = fuzzy photos. Finally got around to going to our food tasting for the wedding. Loved it!! Thinking about that food is making me hungry now. Om nom nom.

I got the Missoni elephant for my birthday so Bee decided to complete my set by getting me the bear!

Comme Des Garçons PLAY for Converse sneakers! I got to wear them a couple of times before it got really cold and snowy outside. Definitely looking forward to rocking them a lot in the spring (which needs to arrive faster if you ask me!).

My best buy from this past Boxing Day! Scored a Theyskens' Theory blazer from Holt's Last Call for $65.80 (pre tax). Original retail price? $545. Yay!

New scent...Finally got around to buying it.

Yes, those are all Valentino. No, they are not mine. It's just a typical work day!

Happy Monday everyone! For all you people in Toronto, stay warm this week!

- J

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