Saturday, January 19, 2013

a girl like you should never look so blue

[purple tank and red circle scarf: Forever 21 | faux leather jacket: pins and needles | drape cardigan: Gap | black pants: H&M | boots: Aerosoles | lipstick: Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick - Cherry Picking]

Last weekend it was 12 degrees in Toronto! Getting a taste of "warm" weather has me anticipating spring already! Like that boiling frog analogy, if you put a frog in boiling water it'll jump out right away, but if you bring the water to boil after you put the frog in it doesn't notice; I hadn't realized how cold it was until it was warm.

FYI - I just googled this and the phrase actually isn't true, but for the analogy's sake lets pretend it is. Do you ever wonder how a saying becomes a saying? I mean was boiling frogs a common thing at some point? "Hey Bob, I keep meaning to invite you over for soup, but those darn frogs just keep jumping out of my pot!" - Yes this is the sort of random dialogue that I have in my head when I think about things...

Now that I have sufficiently wasted the last few minutes of your time, on to the outfit. I'm semi back into bold colour combos again. I never tire of pairing the primary colours. I tend to like using ones with similar saturation ie. bold with bold and soft with soft. Then I use neutrals, like white, grey, or black to tone down the colours for a more casual look. Everything aside from the purple tank has already been featured on the blog at some point. Homeownership and the new need for workout gear trumps my normal shopping habits.

On another random note, I've been thinking on and off about getting a wrist tattoo since last July. Tattoos are a bad idea for people with commitment issues, but I really like the idea of getting the word "once" on my wrist in typewriter-esque font. Instagram proof below that I've been testing it out in pen again this week. Let's see if I work up the nerve to get it done this year. Part of me is a big giant chicken and the other part worries that once I get one I will want more...many many more. (Don't look up tattoos on pinterest or tumblr...they are breeding grounds for photos of beautiful and delicate tattoos!)


This probably sounds cliche, but I primarily want it as a reminder of how ephemeral life is. If it does fade or change as I get older, it would only add to what it symbolizes. What are your thoughts on tattoos? Yay or nay?


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  1. Man I've wanted a tattoo foreverrrrr but I was told to wait 10 years and if I still want it, I should get it ... but I have chickened out in the last few years. If you are brave now, DO IT! I like the idea of a word too! xo