Thursday, January 31, 2013

remember how this used to be

[grey sweater: Joe Fresh | blue pants: H&M | boots: Aerosoles]

Still currently suffering from the winter blues. I've been a terrible blogger lately, from ruining our posting schedule to wearing the most boring of outfits! My apologies are surely now falling upon tired ears by now but sometimes my clothing reflects my frame of mind and I've just been elsewhere lately. (Thankfully you still have my co-blogger for your reading/viewing pleasure!) Will definitely straighten up my act next month.

This was just a work sweater and pants combo I threw on because I couldn't be bothered in the morning. Although I do enjoy the mix of the fabric of the sweater and the contrast of matte and sheen. 

I don't have much else to say today so I'll leave you with a quote from the movie, Before Sunset.

 "I will miss of the person the most mundane things, like I'm obsessed with little things....I see them in little detail so specific to each of them that move me and that I miss and will always miss, you can never replace anyone because everyone is made of such beautiful specific details...."

- M

Saturday, January 26, 2013

but I'm never home


["plus" ring: Gorjana | silver stacking rings: Etsy | nail polish: Butter London - Teddy Girl]

[French hen sweater: J. Crew | boyfriend cut button down: Talula (Aritzia) | bag: March by Marc Jacobs | combat boots: Hush Puppies]

I giggled when I met up with M this week as we were both wearing sweaters layered over collared shirts (as per her last post). So typical of us to do this haha.

I obsessed over this sweater from J. Crew for the longest time before Christmas and ended up buying it pre-Boxing Day when the whole store was 40% off. Somethings I can't resist kitschy-cute things like this. I mean it's a fat chicken wearing a pink beret. What is there NOT to love about it?

It's been unbelievably cold in the city this past week and I've been pretty much living in layers (hello tights under denim), my warmest parka, a huge scarf and these Thinsulate lined combat boots by Hush Puppies. By far, the BEST shoe purchase I've made all season. Toasty warm.

- J

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

you fit me better than my favourite sweater

[black studded collar blouse: Cynthia Rowley | red sweater: Old Navy | black pants: H&M | boots: Aerosoles]

Only in Toronto can you go from having 12 degree weather one weekend that drops to -20 only ten days later. Cold weather makes me completely forgo any fashion sense in favour of staying warm. Mornings become a struggle as my will to get out of a warm bed becomes basically nonexistent! Until it gets closer to above freezing temperatures, expect boring outfits in my posts.

My brain seems to have gone on vacation over the last few days. It is telling me to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing all day, everyday. This is rare and uncharacteristic of me...normally if my schedule is not pack full I feel like I'm wasting time. Ugh...could it be a sign of my aging?

Anyways the strategy for dressing in winter is simple, put on as many layers as possible without trying to look too bulky. This morning I just stuck to blacks to avoid having to think about my outfit and then threw on a red sweater for a work event. That's pretty much everything I can write about it...

On a side note, I've mentioned in the past that despite how serious or aloof I might look in some of the photos on this blog, in person I'm actually silly and random. Photo proof above of how amused I am by this random store mannequin. Clearly the personification of grace...

Am I the only one who has winter lethargy?

- M

Monday, January 21, 2013

december/january snapshots

decjan snapshots

A peek into the going-ons of my life over the last little while...

Haha, sorry for the poor picture quality, but low-light + iPhone = fuzzy photos. Finally got around to going to our food tasting for the wedding. Loved it!! Thinking about that food is making me hungry now. Om nom nom.

I got the Missoni elephant for my birthday so Bee decided to complete my set by getting me the bear!

Comme Des Garçons PLAY for Converse sneakers! I got to wear them a couple of times before it got really cold and snowy outside. Definitely looking forward to rocking them a lot in the spring (which needs to arrive faster if you ask me!).

My best buy from this past Boxing Day! Scored a Theyskens' Theory blazer from Holt's Last Call for $65.80 (pre tax). Original retail price? $545. Yay!

New scent...Finally got around to buying it.

Yes, those are all Valentino. No, they are not mine. It's just a typical work day!

Happy Monday everyone! For all you people in Toronto, stay warm this week!

- J

Saturday, January 19, 2013

a girl like you should never look so blue

[purple tank and red circle scarf: Forever 21 | faux leather jacket: pins and needles | drape cardigan: Gap | black pants: H&M | boots: Aerosoles | lipstick: Wet n' Wild Megalast Lipstick - Cherry Picking]

Last weekend it was 12 degrees in Toronto! Getting a taste of "warm" weather has me anticipating spring already! Like that boiling frog analogy, if you put a frog in boiling water it'll jump out right away, but if you bring the water to boil after you put the frog in it doesn't notice; I hadn't realized how cold it was until it was warm.

FYI - I just googled this and the phrase actually isn't true, but for the analogy's sake lets pretend it is. Do you ever wonder how a saying becomes a saying? I mean was boiling frogs a common thing at some point? "Hey Bob, I keep meaning to invite you over for soup, but those darn frogs just keep jumping out of my pot!" - Yes this is the sort of random dialogue that I have in my head when I think about things...

Now that I have sufficiently wasted the last few minutes of your time, on to the outfit. I'm semi back into bold colour combos again. I never tire of pairing the primary colours. I tend to like using ones with similar saturation ie. bold with bold and soft with soft. Then I use neutrals, like white, grey, or black to tone down the colours for a more casual look. Everything aside from the purple tank has already been featured on the blog at some point. Homeownership and the new need for workout gear trumps my normal shopping habits.

On another random note, I've been thinking on and off about getting a wrist tattoo since last July. Tattoos are a bad idea for people with commitment issues, but I really like the idea of getting the word "once" on my wrist in typewriter-esque font. Instagram proof below that I've been testing it out in pen again this week. Let's see if I work up the nerve to get it done this year. Part of me is a big giant chicken and the other part worries that once I get one I will want more...many many more. (Don't look up tattoos on pinterest or tumblr...they are breeding grounds for photos of beautiful and delicate tattoos!)


This probably sounds cliche, but I primarily want it as a reminder of how ephemeral life is. If it does fade or change as I get older, it would only add to what it symbolizes. What are your thoughts on tattoos? Yay or nay?


Thursday, January 17, 2013

like some kind of madness

[black blazer: Elizabeth and James | polka dot chiffon button down: Forever 21 | polka dot sequinned tee: J.Crew | cobalt blue denim: Rag & Bone | boots: Sam Edelman "Pax"]

Does that sequinned tee seem familiar? It actually was an example I used in my "to avoid" Boxing Day 2012 post. The extra 50% off all sale items at J.Crew apparently made me forget all about it haha. It's okay because it's sequinned...Right? I don't have anything else like it!

Somehow it's already mid-January...Between work, the move, furniture shopping and getting back on the prepping for the big day, I barely have a moment to catch my breath. And yet, I am energetic and optimistic. Finally letting go of some of the things (and people) that do not fit into my life anymore. Happy to welcome the change that is forthcoming. I am grateful. That is my mantra for this year.

- J

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

tell me all the things you want to do

[white blouse: Forever 21 | indigo tie die print pants: Mossimo at Target | malachite bracelet: present from my aunt | black heels: Zara]

So unlike J, I have no valid reason for posting late! It's my birthday today though, so that has to give me some sort of immunity to any ill feelings or disappointment right? right?

This was something I wore the other weekend. My last few outfit posts have been dominated by prints; dresses, blazers and now pants. I picked up this pair at Target when I went to Buffalo in October. (Anyone else anticipating their Canadian stores opening?) They just keep my outfits from getting too boring. I have too many white blouses to count, so any bottoms that add visual interest is a welcomed addition to my closet.

I've been feeling preoccupied and contemplative lately. I should stop playing Lana Del Rey songs and over-thinking things. This annual birthday and getting older thing doesn't seem to suit me. One of the few things I do enjoy are all the birthday wishes that facebook encourages people to give me...haha!

As I get another year older (and none-the-wiser) I can't help but think about the past year. I wrote in my new year's post that I experienced some loss in 2012.

One of the biggest losses this year was, without a doubt, a person.
Someone I could always count on, vouch for in a heartbeat, watch incomprehensible indie movies and browse endless grocery aisles with. Someone who I grew up with, believed in me and made the rougher patches more tolerable. Someone I'll always be indebted to, whose friendship I was undeserving of, who if I didn't care about as much as I do, I would have never let go so easily. Someone I'm still constantly reminded of by the most random (The Nutcracker in 3D) and mundane day-to-day things (individual Heinz ketchup packages). Someone who I wish only the best for and who I miss more than they could ever know.

Sorry for the verbal and emotional diarrhea! Every now and then my ever so tiny and suppressed feminine side gets out. On a happier note though! I'm starting this birthday by crossing something off my bucket list. One of my photos is in a show at Evergreen Brick Works (will capture it in action this weekend...because hanging on a wall is super action-packed lol). Seeing one of my artworks on a wall has always been a secret wish. Volunteering for Evergreen over the past year was one of the best things I've done! Seeing my photos on their website and in their newsletter really makes me happy.


Friday, January 11, 2013

but your walls will fall down

[cotton cable knit sweater: H&M (men's) | necklace: RUNE | burgundy maxi skirt: Zara | purse: Marc by Marc Jacobs]

Thick sweaters plus maxi skirts (and warm tights underneath!) are my new go-to cozy winter outfits. I found this sweater in the men's section of H&M when I randomly passed through it a couple of weeks ago. I love how the sleeves are slightly long on me! It's rare I find that in a women's sweater (tall girl problems). The maxi skirt was a boxing day find which was probably one of two things I didn't end up returning.


Sorry for the delayed post...This may become common over the next two months as...I AM MOVING. It's official now! 2013 is off to a busy start!

- J

Sunday, January 6, 2013

spend the rest of my days here

[splatter print blazer and black pants: H&M | striped shirt and gold chain necklace: Forever21 | neon yellow bracelet: Joe Fresh | black flats: Zara]

Foraying into a print and pattern look today. This print blazer was discovered on the same trip to H&M as the matching dress in this post. Prints are one of my biggest fashion challenges, but I'm still determined to experiment with them in outfits. I think strips are "neutral" enough to pair with a print blazer, but that could just be me.

For 2013 I made a few goals (I feel like no one sticks to "resolutions").

1. Run a half marathon.
Spontaneously at the end of last year I wanted to try it. I've been hitting the treadmills almost daily since mid-December and have been steadily increasing my cardio. In another month or two, I'll start to follow a marathon training routine and run in intervals.

2. Take non-food related photographs more regularly.
Experience is the best teacher for me and when my schedule got a bit off in the latter half of 2012, I stopped going out just to shoot photos. This year I want to schedule time at least once or twice each month where I just go out alone with my camera (not for volunteer or work).

3. De-clutter.
Moving has really helped me see how much I can live without. I've been going through my things and downsizing. For example I have a lot of nail polish but there is no point to have more than I could use up in my lifetime. The things we own are useless if we can't or don't even use them. So with that mantra in mind I've been re-evaluating all the stuff I have.

4. Take time to seriously reflect on what I want to accomplish in life. 
I've always been a go with the flow type of person and rarely pursue a specific direction in life. Now that I'm in my late 20s, I definitely feel like I'm in a transitional period. I really want to stop and think about what I want to do and just go for it. This one is definitely the hardest and most vague. I have no idea how to approach it other than to try and follow what makes me happy.

- M

Friday, January 4, 2013


[polka dot chambray shirt: Forever 21 | sweater: Old Navy | necklace: H&M | pants: Zara]

Happy new year everyone! Sorry about the super short post today...I have a lot going on for the first Friday of the year...More on this later, I promise!

Please excuse my shoe-lessness, snapped this outfit quickly at the end of last year at a friend's house :)

Wishing everyone the best in the year ahead! xo

- J

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

it's way too soon to say what it's done to me

[indigo blue blouse: Joe Fresh | sparkly black shorts and silver belt: H&M | black tights: Unknown | black pumps: Zara | lipstick: Revlon Lip Butter - Raspberry Pie]

[necklace: DIY]

Happy 2013 everyone! Yesterday I was going to post this but then got carried away with marathoning through the first season of An Idiot Abroad, which is the most hilarious British "travel" television program. Essentially the show is a guy who dislikes anything new or different + extreme travel experiences + dry British wit. I consider myself to be open to new things and slightly more adventurous but there were definitely things on that show that shocked me.

Anyways, a casual New Year's outfit on today's post. At the moment I'm still in a dark colours phase, which is a bit uncharacteristic. So fingers cross that Spring-like weather comes early this year and pulls me back into colours.

I would be lying if I said that I was sad to see 2012 go by. Quite a lot happened over the last year and there were changes, good and bad. My two main takeaways would be to appreciate the time you have with the people around you while you have them and that life is too short to wait around for things to happen. There are some new things on my horizon so I'm wishing for a happier and healthier 2013 for all of us!

Do you believe in making new years resolutions? If yes, what are yours?

- M