Friday, November 30, 2012

i could be your kryptonite

[white sweater with zipper detail and grey fingerless gloves: H&M | grey shorts, red circle scarf: Forever 21 | grey tights: Joe Fresh | denim flats: Old Navy | lipstick: Revlon - Black Cherry]

Despite having different styles, J and I very often end up buying the same things. Most of the time this happens without either one of us realizing it. When we meet we'll see recent purchases on the each other. It is amazing that we haven't shown up someplace wearing the same thing at the same time.

This sweater was different though. J recently posted this same H&M sweater here. I loved it when I saw it come up on her instagram and picked it up the next day. The sweater pairs nicely with heather greys for a simple weekend outfit. I have no idea how I survived without large chunky knit sweaters before! The cold weather does seem to be toning down my outfits. I haven't been gravitating to brights as much.

Today I'm working from home while I wait for my mattress to be delivered...yes I've been sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag for the last 2 weeks. Words can't express how much I am looking forward to sleeping in a bed tonight!!

- M

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

now my feet won't touch the ground

[felt hat: H&M | sweater: Old Navy | grey cotton maxi skirt (actually a dress): ASOS | black wool coat: Anne Klein (Winners) | ankle boots: Sam Edelman "Pax" | purse: Rebecca Minkoff MAC Mini]


It was cold and windy when these were taken. I'm trying my best to pretend it's actually nice outside haha. I think I managed.

Is it Wednesday already? I don't have much to say today aside from the fact that I'm already exhausted from everything that is upcoming. The end of this year is going to fly right by!

- J

Monday, November 26, 2012

i feel the weight fall back on me

[white sweater and purple fringe circle scarf: Forever 21 | black corduroy suspender shorts: Zara| lace pattern tights: H&M | navy flats: Pure | lipstick: Revlon - Black Cherry]

An outfit from the past weekend in today's post. The sun sets so early now that it is impossible to get outfit shots in natural lighting during the weekday. Although I don't think you are missing much from my lack of weekday outfits, J is a much better source of stylish work-appropriate outfits.

These tights are a recent find at H&M. Still trying to decide how I feel about them. The pattern is really interesting but it can visually shorten your legs. Aside from the tights everything else is old. These shorts have been seen in this post and this post from last year. Since the sweater is thicker and chunkier, it can't be tucked in so I left the suspenders hanging down. While defeating their original purpose, I actually like the unique detail they add to the shorts when they aren't up.

Most of my weekend  was spent unpacking and picking up things for my place. It has been really nice rediscovering things that have been packed away for the last 2-3 months. Moving has also caused the revelation of how much I enjoy building things from Ikea! I managed to build these 2 bar stools alone in about 45 minutes. (Hooray for no longer only have the floor to sit on!)

I'm not really in a rush to finish furnishing the rest of the place at the moment. Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE my place, it's just that every time I hand over my credit card to pay for something, I feel a prang of sadness thinking about the kind of trip I could be taking with that kind of money.

- M

Saturday, November 24, 2012

better late than never

[denim ombré shirt & black skinny jeans: H&M | ankle boots: Sam Edelman "Pax" | purse: Rebecca Minkoff MAC Mini]

[skull necklace: Marc by Marc Jacobs | raw crystal necklace: Etsy]

Sorry for the late post! I didn't have any new photos for the blog yesterday so I'm posting today instead. This was my outfit from yesterday when M and I headed to the One of a Kind Christmas show. We were definitely two of the youngest people at the show, I mean it was a Friday night after all haha. We had fun though. It's always awesome shopping things that local artisans made. Definitely a lot of talented people!

Anyways, keeping it short today as I am now off to hunt for some his and her's ugly Christmas sweaters for an upcoming party!

- J

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

in the crowd the music’s loud but i will find you

[faux leather trim teal blouse and black tank: Forever 21 | black pants and silver belt: H&M| navy flats: Old Navy | lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss 01]

Sorry for such a curt post the past weekend. Moving into a condo means I'm at the mercy of elevator reservation time slots. I'm officially moved in now! At the moment there is no furniture in my place aside from the Ikea bed frame I purchased and put together over the weekend. My nights are being spent getting reacquainted with my sleeping bag, still I couldn't love my place more! 

Another default office outfit while the majority of my clothes are still packed up. I picked this blouse up on a recent trip to Forever 21. Faux leather adds an instant bit of edge, which is why it is one of my favourite type of details. 

Hope everyone's hump day wasn't too bad! Also special shout out one of my favouritest people, who is also a long time reader, Amy! Happy Birthday! Hope it is as awesome as a barrel full of kittens! :)

- M

Monday, November 19, 2012

october/november snapshots

It's been awhile since I've last done a snapshots post, so I figured, why not? If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you've probably seen me tweet/post about these things as they have happened. It's been a busy fall for me...I totally missed fashion week in Toronto as I was too sick to care, but I did manage to check out a whole bunch of other fashion-related events instead.


I won tickets via Flare Magazine for the Anna Dello Russo for H&M pre-shop party back at the beginning of October. It was a lot of fun getting to see and shop the collection the day before it launches. In the end, I only kept one of the bracelets I bought because everything was too big for my tiny wrists! I did get a cute keychain in the swagbag that night though.

In the same week as Anna Dello Russo I tagged along as my friend Bonnie's plus one for the Ann Taylor prelaunch party at the Eaton Centre (thanks woman!). It was awesome being able to preview the store before it opened to the public and getting to see and meet the faces behind the Ann Taylor brand.


As a belated birthday gift I received the elephant plushie (I still am and always will be, a sucker for stuffed toys) from the Missoni for Holt Renfrew collaboration. It just so happened the day I picked up my plushie from Holts was the day Margherita Missoni was making an appearance for the launch of the collaboration. So I decided that I might as well get the elephant signed by her. Pretty awesome.

Like Anna Dello Russo, I was again lucky enough to get the chance to pre-shop the Margiela for H&M collection the night before. However, unlike AdR, it was absolute chaos at the pre-shop. People were already lined up well over an hour before the doors opened and they nearly took down the displays when we all got let in! I really wanted the narrow-shouldered jacket but didn't manage to snag one in the craziness. Instead I got the trompe l'oeil high-top sneakers (which I decided weren't "me" enough and passed them on to my coworker instead) and the men's overcoat with inverted lapels for Bee (which didn't end up fitting him and will be returned). So in the end, all I ended up with from this collaboration is some fun fridge magnets (shaped like some of the clothes!).

Those who know me well, know that I have a thing for collecting Starbucks mugs. So after a week of hunting I finally found the Rodarte for Starbucks ceramic mug! Going to keep this one at work for water.

Happy Monday!

- J

Saturday, November 17, 2012

ready or not here i come

[striped sweater: Gap | black shorts: Zara | blue cardigan: H&M| denim flats: Old Navy]

Quickie for today! I'm in the process of moving at the moment and this is my last chance for internet at home for a week or two.

- M

Thursday, November 15, 2012

soon I know I'll be back with you


[leather jacket: Identify | cable knit sweater with zipper details: H&M | black maxi skirt: American Apparel | bag: Zara | black suede wedge sneakers: Ash]

I was going to post today about my pre-shopping adventures at Maison Martin Margiela for H&M last night, but I was too tired to edit the photos when I got home (side note, I left the event at 8:45pm and there were already 3 people in line!). 

This outfit was from the weekend (thanks for being my photographer Bonnie!). I met up with some of my old university friends for lunch at Shops at Don Mills and a little bit of shopping (hence the Anthropologie bag I'm holding in my right hand). So I've been really getting into sweaters this lately, I don't know if it's because there's a large selection of them available now or if I'm just cold and want to dress warmer haha. I picked up this one at H&M recently. For the most part, I hate buying acrylic/polyester sweaters because they pill so easily, but at $17.95 with zipper details, I couldn't resist.

[ring: Forever 21]

- J

PS. Is it Friday yet?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

i belong with you, you belong with me

[white sweater: Forever 21 | black pants and necklace: H&M | red gloves: GAP | black boots: Aerosoles]

I must be getting older because I'm actually wearing weather appropriate clothing this year! A very simple outfit from the weekend in today's post. The few things that I unpacked at my mom's place have been repacked again! Living out of boxes for a few months really puts into perspective how little of your possessions you actually need to survive. While I am looking forward to being reunited with the rest of my things, likely a couple more bags of items will be heading to the donation bins this weekend.

Lipsticks, especially darks and reds, have become a staple stand-in for my accessories. They have become a part of the daily routine. It is such an easy way to add a small pop of colour to any outfit and brighten up your face. I think red is a perfect complement to a white and black base (slightly regretting now that I didn't take a silly jazz hands photo with the red gloves!)

Wish me luck on my move this weekend! At the moment the only thing I've picked out are bar likely I'll be living a very minimalistic lifestyle for the next few weeks. Let's hope I manage to get at least a mattress by the end of the week.

- M

Sunday, November 11, 2012

they didn't even make up a sound

[black silk blazer & grey wool skirt: Club Monaco | blush pink and black button down with gold collar tips: Forever 21 | black leather boots with gold heels: Topshop]

I meant to post much earlier today but I kept getting distracted. Now it's after 10pm on Sunday night, why do weekends always seem to fly by?

I spent most of today just catching up with my university friends over lunch. There was much chatter over work life, two upcoming weddings and who was the best James Bond, haha. Sometimes it's hard to believe it's already been over 4 years since we've graduated.


So enough of my personal life, let's talk about my outfit! I've been mulling over collar tips for quite some time now and have been trying to decide whether or not I should order some off of eBay, then I spotted this shirt at Forever 21. I love that the whole embellished collar trend is still going strong. Tops like this make for great layering pieces under sweaters for the winter time!


- J

Friday, November 9, 2012

a rebel in your thoughts

[red sweater: Old Navy | tan blazer and black pants: H&M | white blouse: Forever 21 | black boots: Aerosoles]

It was super cold when I was shooting this outfit and started to snow 30 seconds later. There is no kryptonite bigger for me than cold temperatures. Sweaters are going to be a staple for the next 5-6 months until Spring is back.

Sometimes I dress professor-like (you know when the school-girl look gets a bit tired haha). If only I had a blazer with elbow patches and some glasses. Honestly my style is pretty is a little bit of everything. Occasionally I do dress slightly "professional".

I'm excited to watch Skyfall tomorrow! Love me a good Bond movie, Casino Royale was one of my favourites. That might also have something to do with me having a girl-crush on Eva Green.

Yikes, this post was all over the place! Mental note made to make some attempt at being more cohesive in the next one.

What are your plans for the weekend?

- M

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

but baby there you again

[grey coat with contrasting sleeves & grey draped dress: Forever 21 | big polka dot tights & 3 buckle belt: H&M | ankle boots: Sam Edelman "Pax"]

Sometimes I shoot outfits and they never get posted. This was suppose to be one of them. The lighting is horrible (background is kinda weird too haha)! I was testing indoor shots with Bee and then eventually gave up because I couldn't find a suitable place that day. However, I really like this outfit! I planned on reshooting it, but never got the chance to. Originally, I was going to post about something else, but didn't end up finishing it in time for today...So let's just ignore the photo lighting and background and focus on the outfit itself...

I love these tights, they are so fun. Apparently children enjoy them as well because I have gotten pokes at my legs from little fingers while wearing these haha. To be honest, I didn't wear this outfit anywhere special, I just felt like dressing up that day. I tend to do this so often on a whim that no one (who knows me well) ever asks me anymore why I am so "dressed up" that particular day. To me, this outfit is still somewhat casual!

- J

Monday, November 5, 2012

shine bright like a diamond

[hot pink men's sweater: Joe Fresh | grey shorts: Forever 21 | tights and knee-high socks: H&M | shoes: Converse | scarf: unknown]

Since my love affair of menswear sweaters hasn't wavered in the slightest, I've finally started to buy them instead of "borrowing" them from other people's closets. If you are a long-time reader you have already seen a few items not-from-my-closet here and here. Credit goes to Bonnie for spotting this one in the men's section of Joe Fresh. I don't normally wear pink but this hot pink is the perfect bold colour to combat dreary winter days. It also adds a bit more of a feminine touch to the looser silhouette. Can you tell that there aren't any bright and bold colours that I shy away from?

I'm only 10 days away from getting the keys to my condo! While the commuting is taking a toll on me, Woodbridge is actually a really nice place to live. There are Italian bakeries everywhere (my clothes don't appreciate the easy access to Portuguese egg tarts and cannoli though) and you can feel a sense of community in the area. Out of the 5-6 times that I've walked home from the bus stop late at night, twice people have stopped their cars to ask me if I needed to be dropped off somewhere out of genuine concern. It's the simplest gestures that restores your belief in the kindness of strangers!

[rings: Forever 21]

Have you received any random act of kindness lately?

- M

Saturday, November 3, 2012

for every heart that beats

[leather jacket: identify | bleached ombre chambray button down: H&M | mustard maxi skirt: Topshop]

Please excuse the weird lighting in the background and my skirt being picked up by the wind, this was one of those "quick" outfit shots taken right before rushing off to some dinner Bee and I were late for. In fact, this outfit wasn't even from this week! Toronto was fairly lucky in terms of being affected by Hurricane Sandy, aside from a crazy windy night, the rest of the week was just gloomy and drizzly. My heart goes out to those who were affected by the storm.

To be honest, I've been in a little bit of a style rut lately as I have been sick for 2 weeks (finally better now!) and the weather has been less than desirable. Definitely have been falling back into the old blazers over everything routine.

- J