Wednesday, October 31, 2012

M loves: Toronto Fashion Week S/S '13

Any surprise that I am late posting again? No? I'm glad we've reached this understanding that I'm just incapable of getting myself together! I'm posting some of my favourite picks from TFW S/S 2013. Honestly browsing through the galleries, nothing really excited me like last year. I think my mind is just elsewhere at the moment. Only 15 more days left until I can start to unpack my things! Still, there were lots of pretty clothing to gawk at.

source images from

Longer hemlines seem to be growing on me even though I haven't added any skirts or dresses of this length to my closet. I think next spring I'll be trying to hunt down at least a few that fall to the floor. As always I love asymmetrical hemlines, detailed drapes of fabric, and sheer items!

 source images from

Neutral palettes of course are always a staple for spring/summer collections. I love how fresh and clean white and beige looks. 

For those of us that live in countries with Daylight Savings, this weekend we are falling back! Cheers to an extra hour of time!

- M

Saturday, October 27, 2012

hold your breath and count to ten

[black blazer: Elizabeth & James | cream top & pink lace skirt: H&M | quilted flats: Sam Edelman]


This is actually a set of old outfit shots from this spring that I never got around to posting. If I didn't tell you this, would you have noticed? Although, the bare trees in the first picture might have been a dead giveaway haha.

My outfit definitely screams "work wear". Despite my office being denim friendly and fashion forward (my fave Sam Edelman Pax booties and those Ash sneakers from my last post are totally acceptable), some days I still like to dress in pencil skirts, blouses and blazers. I guess it's just part of my style. Most likely you will find me dressed like this on Mondays or Tuesdays. I think it's a great way to kick off my week and get me back into the "work mindset" after the weekend.

- J

Thursday, October 25, 2012

pumped up kicks

[grey studded sweater: Joe Fresh | basic cotton mini skirt: H&M | clutch: Rebecca Minkoff MAC Mini | black suede wedge sneakers: Ash]


Yeah! Cheesy pose, haha.

Thank you Isabel Marant for bringing this whole wedge sneaker trend to life! They're probably not everyone's cup of tea, but the idea of them has definitely grown on me over the past while. I found my perfect pair in all black suede by Ash. The 2 inch hidden heel makes it pretty comfy for going out and about. It fills that void in my shoe wardrobe for something a little more casual (a closer look at them here). With that being said, this is probably the closest thing to actual sneakers you will ever see me in. It's a bit sad, but true. Unlike M, I'm quite un-athletic and terrible at almost all sports.

On a side note, I'm sick right now and haven't been able to keep up with any of the Toronto Fashion Week shows. I was even offered free tickets for the Pavoni show last Monday and had to decline because I just wasn't feeling like myself. Sometimes a good rest is > fashion!

- J

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

you were like home to me

[white trench: Banana Republic | white tank and pleated teal skirt: Forever21 | animal print circle scarf and silver belt: H&M | black cardigan and white oxfords: Joe Fresh]

Late posting yet again! If it wasn't for J this month, nothing would get posted, clearly consistency does not exist in my vocabulary at the moment. I owe her a big thanks for putting up with me and pushing out extra posts in my absence. All my things are currently split between a warehouse and my mom's place in Woodbridge. I have about as good of an idea of where my clothes are as I do about how to split an atom.

I can't wait to move back into Toronto and into my own condo (my current 5:30am wakeup and 2 hour commute into work from Woodbridge only add to my anticipation). I've already been living alone for at least 2.5 years now but owning a place is a little different. Home-ownership was something I've been saving for since my first job at 14/15. When my family first came to Canada we were on welfare and lived in a "bad" area (literally on the wrong side of the tracks as in actual train tracks separated where I live from the "good" area). My dad was always coming and going before my parents divorced. (clich√© much?)  But my mom always instilled in me the value of independence, hard-work, and saving. Because of her I now have a brand new condo to call my own. I skipped out on some vacations, never really splurged my money, and juggled a few jobs in my early 20s but it was all well-worth the sacrifice. I couldn't have done it without you mom! Thank you <3!

Hmm I had better start resuming posting regularly again since I'm obviously forgetting this is a style blog and not the story of my life haha. We'll return back to your regular programming once I get my head on straight! All I really have to say about this outfit is that it is yet another schoolgirl-esque look. Honestly I'm going to have nothing to wear when I'm in my 30s.

*note to self* thick sweater tights and white flats make for a frumpy combo...yikes.

- M

Thursday, October 18, 2012

I’ve drowned and dreamt this moment


An outfit from Saturday brunch with my cousin last weekend (thanks for taking the pictures!)

Do you like my strategically placed hand on my blazer? One of the buttons fell off of it a few weeks ago and I've been too lazy to repair it. Yet, I keep wearing this blazer. 

It's starting to get a little too cold to be wearing flats. I've been making a slow transition into short boots. I still think it's too early in the season to wear tall boots, I'm refusing them at the moment, but all of mine have been resoled and sprayed. Ready for the season! Speaking of boots, Alexander Wang makes a beautiful pair of chelsea boots...Ugh, love. Should I go for it? Decisions, decisions.


[black felt hat: H&M | white studded collar button down: Forever 21 | navy blazer: Club Monaco | leopard print jeans: Parasuco | studded slippers: Jeffrey Campbell | bag: Zara]

- J

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i know the perfect time and baby that's never

[blue blouse and belt: Forever21 | black pants: H&M | black pumps: Zara]

I have had a terrible time sticking to the blogging schedule this month. Since my last post I officially became a home-owner! I won't bore you with all the details but I felt like I was on the phone non-stop with my real estate agent, lawyer, bank, and mom at the beginning of this month. I'm moving to Vaughan for 4 weeks while I wait for my condo to close, so 95% of my things have been packed up and are going into storage.

I've been keeping my sanity during this tedious process with lots of physical activity! This past Saturday I walked with my friend Joe from Union to Finch subway station (15.6km) just for fun. I think one of my goals for 2013 will be to train for and run in a half marathon. Honestly when life gets stressful, there is no better way to maintain energy levels! This is why I've kept up the 4 hour sessions at the Warriors volleyball clinics. No matter how exhausted I feel waking up on Sunday mornings, training instantly energizes me. I think at almost every session, someone I meet will tell me that I'm really perky.

Not much to say about the outfit other then I still like jewel-tones for autumn clothing and interesting belts. Despite having quite the collection of belts, the buckle on this one justified yet another purchase. I can only describe it as a lock and pin. Since pictures are worth 1000 words, hopefully the detailed shot explains it better than I can articulate!

Likely you will see me come and go a bit on the blog until after my move on November 15th into my first home!

- M

Thursday, October 11, 2012

and I'm not sleeping now

[leather jacket: identity | grey sweatshirt: TNA (Aritzia) | polka dot trousers & studded slippers: Topshop | bag: Zara]

Lazy/comfy outfit from last weekend's eating festivities. I'm bordering on pajama pants again, haha. I love these trousers though, the dots are actually flocked! 

Sorry for the short post. I'll blame a combination of tiredness and writer's block. Despite the shortened week, I'm so tired. Things have been really busy! Is it the weekend yet?


Brrrr. It was so cold and windy the day these photos were snapped. I need to start dressing better for the weather!

- J

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the sun must set to rise


Sorry for the slightly erratic blogging schedule lately! M has been very busy prepping to move (if you've been following her on Twitter, you should know that she is now a homeowner!). In the meanwhile, I will be blogging the next few posts while she gets back into things. Alternating posts will resume shortly! :)

I am wearing the H&M peplum top that pretty much every blogger has. At $19.95, who can say no? So I will admit, I think it is slightly on the short side on me and I am still looking for the ideal bottoms to wear with it to get things to look a little more balanced on my body. This outfit is almost there. 

So I hope all my fellow Canadians had a lovely Thanksgiving long weekend! Here's to a shortened work week, hooray!

[navy blue blazer: Club Monaco | dalmatian print peplum top & khakis: H&M | shoes: ALDO | bag: Michael Kors "Joan"]

- J

Friday, October 5, 2012

far away from the memories


TGIF is all I can say! It's been one busy week! I am so glad the weekend is here (and it's a long one too!) If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that I was lucky enough to attend two pre-launch parties this week. I pre-shopped the Anna Dello Russo for H&M collection and got to check out the first Canadian Ann Taylor store before it opened. Come to think about it, there's been a lot of exciting fashion launches going on in Toronto over the last little while...New Topshop at The Bay Queen Street, new J. Crew at the Eaton Centre, Ann Taylor launching, Anna Dello Russo x H&M...And in a few weeks, Toronto Fashion Week will be rolling in again.

[white blazer: Elizabeth and James | silver lace print tee: Club Monaco | opal-esque statement necklace and clear cuff: H&M | cobalt blue trousers: Joe Fresh | shoes: ALDO | bag: Michael Kors "Joan"]

Not much to tell you about my outfit today. It was taken last week when M and I met up with Kristy of Monochroma.Chic! I'm wearing my new favourite necklace.

- J

PS. To all you Canadians, have a wonderful Thanksgiving long weekend!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

and for the tiniest moment it's all not true

[white blouse with black collar, maroon corduroy skirt: Forever21 | tights, flats: Gap | navy cardigan: H&M]

How is it that October has already started? I've been letting my schedule get the better of me, hence this blog post going up 2 days late! With less than 3 weeks left before I move, a lot of my time has been spend packing and downsizing my possessions. Today I'm meeting my real estate agent to put in an offer for a condo and look at a few more places. Aside from prepping for the move, volleyball has also been a consuming my time, I'm playing 4 days this week alone. Time management isn't my forte, mostly because I often cram too many things into not enough time.

You have already seen every article of this outfit in previous posts. I just threw on a few fall appropriate jewel tones together. I'm feeling a bit uninspired and distracted from everything, so I haven't even been shooting outfit photos. Hopefully I'll get a couple over the long weekend.

- M