Tuesday, December 4, 2012

there's nothing like you and i

[yellow striped sweater: Old Navy | studded collar blouse: Forever 21 | black pants: H&M | black boots: Aerosoles | lipstick: Revlon - Black Cherry]

So my obsession with over-sized baggy men's sweaters has now evolved into sweater-collared shirt combo phase. The last half of this year, I've been all about menswear or menswear inspired looks. At the moment I am seeking a giant grandpa sweater or cardigan haha. They are super comfortable and cozy! They say wisdom comes with age, which is apparent because grandpas know where it's at. (No gilf syndrome here, just an appreciation of their classic style!)

Every other person I know seems to have the flu at the moment. It wiped out pretty much everyone on my floor at work. Hope that those of you who are under the weather get better soon!

- M

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