Monday, December 17, 2012

never get to clean up the mess i made

[studded black blouse: Cynthia Rowley | denim shorts and white knee high socks: Gap | black ridding boots: Aerosoles]

How is it that we’re only a week away from Christmas already? For those of you who celebrate Christmas, have you finished all of your shopping? There are still a few names left to cross off on my list, which hopefully will be different by the end of day tomorrow. FYI – Tuesdays are typically the slowest day in the retail industry (although the holiday season might negate some of that trend).

This was a cozy outfit I wore over the past weekend. Shorts might not scream winter clothing to most people but layered over wool tights and paired with thick knee high socks, they are just as warm as pants (if not warmer). These denim shorts used to be a pair of old jeans that I cut off for a Halloween costume one year.

On an unrelated note, I started my new years resolution early and finally started hitting the treadmills in my condo gym on Saturday. A few years ago I used to jog for 30-50 minutes daily and am going to try and get back into it. Randomly I decided last month after a 15km walk that I wanted to attempt a half-marathon in the 2013. Endurance isn't much of a concern but training is definitely necessary if I don't intend on getting completely owned by every other racer! (As an added bonus my pants and other slim-fit clothing would really appreciate me getting back down to my regular size.)Wish me luck!

- M

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