Friday, December 28, 2012

M picks: new year's outfits

So I'm late on my posts again, what else is new? I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday filled with their favourite people and food! The last few days just flew by. J and I did our traditional Boxing Day shopping and were out for 13 hours - we don't mess around! Although to be honest neither of us go crazy, more than anything we go to burn off Christmas dinner from the night before.

Working through the holidays, minus Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year's Day, has taken away that holiday feeling for me. I don't think I'll process that this year is coming to an end until a couple weeks into the new one!

Speaking of New Year's, I polyvore-d a couple outfits that I would wear. These exact specific items might not exist in my closet but the looks are essentially what I would go for.

Any surprise that I put together an outfit with shorts first? Gold sparkly shorts make a good statement piece for events like NYE. To let them shine and grab attention, I would do neutral colours for the rest of the outfit.

NYE is also a prime opportunity to dress like a disco ball (haha). Metallic silver pants and accessories really allow your outfit to shine and stand out.

Or you could go the sequin route which is completely acceptable on NYE.

For the most part I tend to lean towards the casual even for more special events. When everyone else is decked out to the nines, sleek and simple can often stand out more.

Likely I'm going to be in PJs at home watching Departures marathon (best travel show ever!) and snacking on frozen grapes. I know, it's so hard to believe just HOW exciting my life is! :)
Whatever your plan are, have a fun and safe 31st!!


  1. Sequins...ALWAYS acceptable LOL

    Just noticed that one of my banned items from the post below...I ended up buying. HAHA. I'm awesome.

  2. I'm not doing anything for New Years.. was too last minute in planning and I'm not into paying oodles of money to stand around a fancy hotel room. Actually I'd even go more casual with outfits- I would wear the third one but with a t-shirt and Philip Lim flats.

    Happy New Year, girls! How I miss Canada so!