Sunday, December 23, 2012

J wants: boxing day 2012

Most people have some kind of holiday tradition every year around this time. You could call Boxing Day a tradition of M and I. This year, I have my usual "to buy/look for" list and added a "to avoid" list. The "to avoid" list is crucial to helping me cut back and cut down on my wardrobe as next year I will be moving to a new place which means sharing closet space with my fiance.


I'll all about looking for deals on well-made basics this Boxing Day. More specifically I am looking for the perfect slouchy tee in grey or white and a boyfriend style button down in white. I have my eye on some from Aritzia but I will drop by Holts and The Bay to see if I can score something from Alexander Wang or Pink Tartan on sale.

I also need to stock up on basic black socks and cotton undies. Aerie makes some great ones in super fun patterns and they alway have a great sale every year.

So everything in my picture above is clothes, except for the soap and you may be wondering why I put that on there, but the holiday scents from Bath & Body Works get deeply discounted during boxing Week. I intend to stock up!

[Tee & button down: Aritzia | socks: GAP | underwear: Aerie | soap: Bath & Body Works]


I'm pretty sure everybody has certain clothing items they keep getting drawn to in the store time and time again. The following are on my "to avoid" list...

Polka dot ANYTHING. Seriously, it's become my new neutral. I need to stop. (This is going to take a lot of willpower! M will have to help me out haha!)

Chunky cable knit sweaters. Especially in creams and whites. In fact, regular knit white/cream sweaters also need to be avoided.

Chambray button downs. I already own four of them. And yes, one of them has polka dots on them.

Black flat boots. Enough said.

[polka dot shirt, skirt, pants & chambray button down: J Crew | cable knit sweater: Old Navy | boots: Capezio Shoes]

- J

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