Friday, December 21, 2012

give me all, give me all, give me all your attention baby

[abstract print dress: H&M | black cardigan and heather grey tights: Joe Fresh | black flats: Gap]

Happy 12/21/2012 aka the day the world comes to an end, well maybe not since you are alive and reading this. Today's post is a work outfit from this past Wednesday. Winter-y weather is great for my closet because of the follow formula.

Me + Winter = hibernation mode
hibernation mode boredom  → DIY projects → new accessories

I'm a bit of a jack of all trades (and definitely a master of none) when it comes to interests. I dabble in a little of everything, sports, crafts, arts, etc. I'm actually curious about I come across to you readers who don't know me in person or don't know me very well! Perhaps a little all over the place?

[ DIY "raw crystal" necklace: tutorial via youtube]

What better pairing for a printed dress then an understated statement necklace? (yes that is an oxymoron!) I stayed up far too late on Tuesday night (2am? 3am?) making this because I decided at some point after midnight that it was the "perfect time" to finally start this DIY project. Have I mentioned that all this week I've been going for daily jogs at 6:30am to work towards my new marathon running aspirations? Apparently I just don't like sleep.

- M

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