Monday, November 26, 2012

i feel the weight fall back on me

[white sweater and purple fringe circle scarf: Forever 21 | black corduroy suspender shorts: Zara| lace pattern tights: H&M | navy flats: Pure | lipstick: Revlon - Black Cherry]

An outfit from the past weekend in today's post. The sun sets so early now that it is impossible to get outfit shots in natural lighting during the weekday. Although I don't think you are missing much from my lack of weekday outfits, J is a much better source of stylish work-appropriate outfits.

These tights are a recent find at H&M. Still trying to decide how I feel about them. The pattern is really interesting but it can visually shorten your legs. Aside from the tights everything else is old. These shorts have been seen in this post and this post from last year. Since the sweater is thicker and chunkier, it can't be tucked in so I left the suspenders hanging down. While defeating their original purpose, I actually like the unique detail they add to the shorts when they aren't up.

Most of my weekend  was spent unpacking and picking up things for my place. It has been really nice rediscovering things that have been packed away for the last 2-3 months. Moving has also caused the revelation of how much I enjoy building things from Ikea! I managed to build these 2 bar stools alone in about 45 minutes. (Hooray for no longer only have the floor to sit on!)

I'm not really in a rush to finish furnishing the rest of the place at the moment. Don't get me wrong I absolutely LOVE my place, it's just that every time I hand over my credit card to pay for something, I feel a prang of sadness thinking about the kind of trip I could be taking with that kind of money.

- M

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