Tuesday, October 23, 2012

you were like home to me

[white trench: Banana Republic | white tank and pleated teal skirt: Forever21 | animal print circle scarf and silver belt: H&M | black cardigan and white oxfords: Joe Fresh]

Late posting yet again! If it wasn't for J this month, nothing would get posted, clearly consistency does not exist in my vocabulary at the moment. I owe her a big thanks for putting up with me and pushing out extra posts in my absence. All my things are currently split between a warehouse and my mom's place in Woodbridge. I have about as good of an idea of where my clothes are as I do about how to split an atom.

I can't wait to move back into Toronto and into my own condo (my current 5:30am wakeup and 2 hour commute into work from Woodbridge only add to my anticipation). I've already been living alone for at least 2.5 years now but owning a place is a little different. Home-ownership was something I've been saving for since my first job at 14/15. When my family first came to Canada we were on welfare and lived in a "bad" area (literally on the wrong side of the tracks as in actual train tracks separated where I live from the "good" area). My dad was always coming and going before my parents divorced. (clich√© much?)  But my mom always instilled in me the value of independence, hard-work, and saving. Because of her I now have a brand new condo to call my own. I skipped out on some vacations, never really splurged my money, and juggled a few jobs in my early 20s but it was all well-worth the sacrifice. I couldn't have done it without you mom! Thank you <3!

Hmm I had better start resuming posting regularly again since I'm obviously forgetting this is a style blog and not the story of my life haha. We'll return back to your regular programming once I get my head on straight! All I really have to say about this outfit is that it is yet another schoolgirl-esque look. Honestly I'm going to have nothing to wear when I'm in my 30s.

*note to self* thick sweater tights and white flats make for a frumpy combo...yikes.

- M


  1. Can't wait for you to finally move back to Toronto! :D


    1. Same! :) Korean noms to celebrate when I do hehe