Tuesday, October 9, 2012

the sun must set to rise


Sorry for the slightly erratic blogging schedule lately! M has been very busy prepping to move (if you've been following her on Twitter, you should know that she is now a homeowner!). In the meanwhile, I will be blogging the next few posts while she gets back into things. Alternating posts will resume shortly! :)

I am wearing the H&M peplum top that pretty much every blogger has. At $19.95, who can say no? So I will admit, I think it is slightly on the short side on me and I am still looking for the ideal bottoms to wear with it to get things to look a little more balanced on my body. This outfit is almost there. 

So I hope all my fellow Canadians had a lovely Thanksgiving long weekend! Here's to a shortened work week, hooray!

[navy blue blazer: Club Monaco | dalmatian print peplum top & khakis: H&M | shoes: ALDO | bag: Michael Kors "Joan"]

- J

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