Tuesday, October 16, 2012

i know the perfect time and baby that's never

[blue blouse and belt: Forever21 | black pants: H&M | black pumps: Zara]

I have had a terrible time sticking to the blogging schedule this month. Since my last post I officially became a home-owner! I won't bore you with all the details but I felt like I was on the phone non-stop with my real estate agent, lawyer, bank, and mom at the beginning of this month. I'm moving to Vaughan for 4 weeks while I wait for my condo to close, so 95% of my things have been packed up and are going into storage.

I've been keeping my sanity during this tedious process with lots of physical activity! This past Saturday I walked with my friend Joe from Union to Finch subway station (15.6km) just for fun. I think one of my goals for 2013 will be to train for and run in a half marathon. Honestly when life gets stressful, there is no better way to maintain energy levels! This is why I've kept up the 4 hour sessions at the Warriors volleyball clinics. No matter how exhausted I feel waking up on Sunday mornings, training instantly energizes me. I think at almost every session, someone I meet will tell me that I'm really perky.

Not much to say about the outfit other then I still like jewel-tones for autumn clothing and interesting belts. Despite having quite the collection of belts, the buckle on this one justified yet another purchase. I can only describe it as a lock and pin. Since pictures are worth 1000 words, hopefully the detailed shot explains it better than I can articulate!

Likely you will see me come and go a bit on the blog until after my move on November 15th into my first home!

- M

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