Sunday, September 23, 2012

so don't give up on me

[men's striped sweater: Banana Republic | eyelet shots: H&M | red scarf: Forever 21 | yellow purse: H&M | grey tights: Joe Fresh | denim flats: Old Navy]

Fall is officially here now. Even though it is the perfect temperature to play around with layers and wear really nice outfits, at the moment, I'm still loving oversized men's sweaters. Comfort has been dominating my clothing choices since I have been walking a minimum of 5km each day. This was in preparation for another Bloor-Danforth subway walk! I found 2 more victims to tag along with me. It's nice to know that there are other people willing to subject themselves to a 28km walk for no reason out there. :)

[bracelets starting from the top: DIY, Forever 21, Joe Fresh, H&M | polish: Essie - Shine of the Times over random navy polish]

Essie's Shine of the Times nail polish has been seen on the blog before but I have been wearing it non-stop lately. It is perfect for fall to layer over dark colours. Every time I encounter a female cashier when I'm buying something, I get compliments on it. Definitely unique and a must have.

Today I did 4 hours of volleyball training at warriors and realized just how out of shape I had gotten over the summer. So I will be trying to get some more work outs during the week and cutting out processed sugars for the next two weeks. If you knew me, this sounds near impossible since sugary goods comprise 50% of my diet. Get your bets in! How long do you think I can last?

Will be back with more variety in my future posts. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

- M

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