Thursday, September 27, 2012

just like most, falling head in

[faux leather jacket: Sparkle and Fade | white blouse: Forever21 | red pants: Urban Planet | animal print scarf: H&M | denim flats: Old Navy]

My outfit from yesterday when J and I went on a dinner date with Kristy of Monochroma.chic fame. I actually first accidentally bumped into her last year when we were both hunting for Revlon lip butters, only to realize who she was after the encounter. At that time I was already reading Kristy's blog but didn't put two and two together. After stalking spotting each other a few more times over the last few months, we decided it was definitely time to officially meet, so we bonded over spicy Korean food last night! (FYI - she is even more awesome in person)

Maybe it seems strange to some, but I've met lots of people with shared interests over the internet. It has to be one of the fastest ways to meet people who have the same obsessions! I've had tons of great meals with foodies that I've met through twitter and foodspotting. Ok will get off my THE-INTERNET-HAS-GREAT-PEOPLE-SOAPBOX now and get back to this outfit.

I have still been choosing looser silhouettes over my more fitted clothing. Partially because I'm still carrying a few extra lbs than normal but mostly now because I've grown to really like the look. Red, black, and white together is my favourite combination. Don't get me wrong, obviously from my other outfits you can tell that I love pairing bright colours. There is just something very classic and sophisticated about these 3 colours together.

[polish: Rimmel - Gray Matter | bracelets: Forever 21, Joe Fresh, DIY]
- M

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