Wednesday, September 19, 2012

i'm in here, i’m trying to tell you something

[white blouse: Forever21 | grey blazer, black pants, animal print scarf, chain bracelet: H&M | coral belt: Joe Fresh | black flats: Pure]

Are you getting sick of seeing this scarf yet? I probably wear it at least 2-3 days, each week, so inevitably it is going to appear in multiple posts. This was a work outfit from a little while ago. As mentioned in my last post, sleeves always run short on me, which is why 9 out of 10 times mine are rolled up. Blazers with an interesting lining are always appreciated for that reason. Either I have abnormally long gorilla arms, or am just a tad bit taller than the average clothing store's target market.

Volleyball season has started again! I have a super enthusiastic (or obsessive) personality, when I get into something, it is all I want to do. I'm already regretting not looking for a second league to play in and considering doubling up on the training clinics. Seeing as how the hunt for a place to live is still ongoing, the schedule can't accommodate that anyway. :( 

What are your recent obsessions?

- M

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