Friday, September 7, 2012

i go to sleep and imagine that you're there with me

[embellished blouse: Banana Republic | black blazer: Zara | slate pants: H&M | bronze flats: Gap]

Despite it being years now since I've had to go back to school, September always gives me the urge to buy school office supplies. The end of summer tends to bring me back to basics. As mentioned in previous posts, my default uniform is casual pants and a blazer. The white sleeveless blouse is a recent buy. Lately I have been drawn to tops with embellished necklines.

My laptop finally died this week so I'm using my itouch to post this. Trying to decide between another PC or if it is time to make that transition to a Mac. Either way my weekend will involved laptop shopping. Also up for this weekend is AwesTRUCK, which is a food truck event that I'm super exicited for.

So help me decide, are you a PC or a Mac?

- M

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