Monday, September 3, 2012

i don't wanna fall another moment into your gravity

[mint tank top, white button-down, print shorts, silver jewelry: H&M | denim flats: Old Navy | friendship bracelet: DIY | polish: Sally Hansen - Yellow Kitty]

Fall doesn't technically start until September 22nd this year, but in most of our minds Labour day is the last day of summer. I spent most of today getting some sun via a 3 hour walk and ending the day at the Hispanic fiesta. Dulce de leche churro is amazing! An attempt of capturing it's deliciousness was made, but a churro with caramel oozing out of it can look a little wrong. (haha)

Summer clothing should be all about breath-ability and comfort. I have randomly taken up making friendship bracelets again to add some colour to my wrists. It might make me look a bit odd on the subway but it keeps me occupied during my daily commute.

I have a few birthday shout outs today! Yesterday was J's birthday and tomorrow is this blog's birthday. Thanks everyone who has ever read one of our posts!! Hitting this milestone was much easier than I would have guessed. Look for an update to our layout once I find some time to sit down and create some new graphics!

Going to keep it short and enjoy the last few hours of the long weekend. Happy Labour Day all! 

- M

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