Tuesday, September 11, 2012

been looking for remedies, i need you to be around

[blue blouse: Joe Fresh | red pants: Urban Planet | animal print scarf, chain necklace and chain bracelet: H&M | black skinny belt: Gap | black flats: Pure]

Is it just me or did fall weather come with a blink of an eye this year? Somehow over the weekend it went from melting-in-shorts-weather to freezing-in-wool-sweaters! I think I caught a bit of what J had as well. Changes in seasons never fail to make me ill, but luckily a restful weekend helped. AwesTRUCK2012 made my taste buds very happy. I posted images of my 3 favourite dishes on my foodspotting account. Warriors training clinic starts again this Sunday so keep your fingers crossed that I don't look obscene in my volleyball gear...lol.

My clothing definitely gets brighter as my mood picks up.You have seen blue and red outfits on the blog before. Jewel-toned blue and red pair nice for a slightly more autumn vibe. My latest obsession has been bracelets that resemble watch straps. I actually haven't owned a wrist watch since...before high school! I gesture a lot, which the random people who have been hit by me as they walked past can attest to. This just leads to annoyed strangers and damaged watch faces. Luckily now-a-days I tend to have a camera, my itouch, or food in my hands, so I'm less of a hazard to fellow pedestrians now.

- M

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