Wednesday, August 1, 2012

we auctioned off our memories

[mint polka dot peter pan blouse and grey cuffed shorts: Forever 21 | denim flats: Old Navy | coral skinny belt: Joe Fresh | polish: Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow]

I wore this a few days ago when I spent a casual day downtown. Finally all my mint purchases this year have appeared on the blog. The mint ban is still going strong, so far I've been good and resisted the temptation of any new editions to my collection.

Can you guess why this shirt called my name? Peter pan collars, pleating, polka dots, and exposed gold zipper in the back. When I threw on the blouse and shorts, it needed a little something extra, so a bright coral belt came to the rescue. I like using bright bold accessories as a contrast, to bring out a soft muted colour palettes better. (Think of it like sprinkling salt on watermelon to bring out the sweetness.) The belt adds more visual interest and helps keep neutral outfits from blending into the background too much.

How do you like your neutral outfits? Simple and muted? or with pops of colour?

Hard to tell from the photos but I've been really getting some colour this summer due to my inability to commit to putting on sunscreen. This time last week I was spending the day taking photos of Evergreen's Green City Adventure Camp. It was a lot of fun running after the kids in the woods and jumping on rocks to cross streams. Going back to the office at the end of the day was such a hard adjustment. I'm starting to come to terms with the fact that I don't really love what I do any more.

- M

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