Sunday, August 26, 2012

until finally my time decends on me

[dot pattern blouse and glasses necklace: Forever 21 | cardigan: Joe Fresh | black shorts: H&M | thigh-high socks: Ardene | black flats: Pure | lips: Revlon Balm Stain - Romantic | polish: Maybelline - Pink Shock]

Something I wore last weekend, which I spent the majority of inside working. My work laptop was coming home with me almost daily for 2-3 weeks. Apparently, being cooped up inside causes me to dress like a school girl librarian...haha! Already mentioned needing an intervention in the future about my clothing in this post. I write about wearing contrasting elements often, in this case, it's work on top and fun on the bottom (which is a fitting analogy of life recently).

A few things have been set in motion, so I'm slowly feeling some weight being lifted from my shoulders. Yesterday I was out for 15 hours, at least 10 of which I was on my feet. The reason for all that walking was Fan Expo and TUM. My inner nerd, artist, and stomach were all very satisfied. I saw tons of cosplayers at Fan Expo, but my favourite, and the only one I asked for a photo of, was a guy dressed as Russell from Pixar's Up. Both events gave me a much needed dosage of excitement.

I'll end this post with a picture of me hanging out with Lego Hulk at Fan Expo just to give you more of a sense of who I am in real life, a big silly nerd.

To quote my friend Mark, "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry... actually you might, since it's just me smiling!"

 I was actually trying to make a growling face...and somehow just looked like I'm smiling. This is exactly why when I try to give people dirty looks on the subway, we just end up making awkward eye contact...haha.

What weekend fun did you get into?

- M

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