Tuesday, August 7, 2012

nyc: part 2

[hat: Talula (Aritzia) | grey tank: Urban Outfitters | semi-sheer side slit maxi skirt: Mikkat Market |  gladiator sandals: H&M | grey purse: Michael Kors]


Another day in NYC, another maxi skirt. I tried my best to pack light for this trip with versatile clothing that would keep me cool or warm, no matter the weather! I've got one more outfit to show after this one from my trip, it will be up in my next post. No more maxi skirts though, I promise.


More snapshots of my trip (L-R):

The hotel we stayed at was super close to Grand Central Terminal, which had a Magnolia Bakery in their food court. Special Grand Central cupcake for breakfast? Yes please! 

Surprisingly enough to most people, I actually didn't buy much on this trip. In fact, Bee came home with more stuff than me! Here I am goofing around in Century 21. Bee managed to snag a YSL tie here for $30.

The weather got super gloomy when we got onto the Staten Island ferry. Then it rained. Then the sun came out lol.

Mmmm, super creamy cheesecake from Junior's in Brooklyn.

Paid a visit to the giant Forever 21 in Times Square. It has 4 levels!

Looking over at Manhattan from Brooklyn at dusk.

- J

[more of this trip: part 1 and part 3]


  1. Ah I just wanted to say how much I like your outfit here- simple but very pretty!