Thursday, August 30, 2012

it's not the right thing baby, but the right thing suits so few

[hounds-tooth dress, yellow chain waist belt, and purple tights : H&M | faux leather jacket: Sparkle & Fade | flats: Pure | polish: Sally Hansen - Blue me Away]

This was something I wore to work last week. My dress was last seen here, with a red scarf and black tights, in a more classic look. I personally prefer it better this time around, the accents of bright colours and faux leather jacket make it more urban.

How I feel inside definitely affects how I dress. During the last few weeks my disarrayed outfits matched my overstressed and worn out state-of-mind. It's good to actually get dressed in the morning without feeling a sense of dread for the day. I can barely remember the last time I didn’t feel in control of my own life, but sometimes things just hit too close to home. So it can be hard to remember that life is a series of choices, if you don’t like something, there is generally the option to pick something different. Obstacles in life can be like a dress, what you pick to pair match with it can change it completely.

I'm happy to be feeling more like myself and to get excited for the things I enjoy again.
Hope you are looking forward to more posts featuring colourful combos!

A few close ups of the belt because the details are so unique. When I saw it hanging on the rack, it took a few moments before my mind processed how to wear it. Yellow is quickly becoming my favourite colour for accessories.

Do you try to wear the same articles of clothing in different ways each time? Or do you prefer to stick to tried and true combinations?

- M

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  1. Whoa is it that cool in Toronto already? I can't believe you guys are wearing leather jackets, houndstooth and tights already! That's crazy. I prefer sticking to same articles of clothing with various combinations- it allows me to stretch out the Cost Per Wear (CPW) of each piece and the amount of clothes I accumulate in my wardrobe. :P