Wednesday, August 22, 2012

but everything looks better when the sun goes down

[mint blouse, navy pants, silver skinny belt, yellow neon ombre scarf, silver bracelets: H&M | faux leather jacket: Silence and Noise | heels: Franco Sarto | polish: Maybelline - Pink Shock]

Summer is already starting to cool down. The weather this week was cool enough to start wearing jackets again. I'm sad to see it go so quickly, especially since I've been too busy to enjoy much of it this year. At least chilly weather does mean more variety for the blog. I wore this yesterday because there is something inexplicably awesome about faux leather jackets, neon accents, and heels together.

I really can't believe that September is just around the corner and this blog will be a year old. Time seemed to have flown by...(aside for the last few weeks). Summer always gives me a sense of nostalgia and currently I'm missing several things and several people.

How are you going to be enjoying the last weeks of summer?

- M

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