Saturday, August 25, 2012

baby, i got a plan

[white asymmetrical dress: A Moveable Feast (Aritzia) | belt: Forever 21 | clear plastic cuff: H&M | purse: See by Chloe | sandals: ALDO]

I finally got around to cutting and re-perming my hair! I am super lazy when it comes to my hair. I don't get it trimmed frequently as I should, in fact I probably only get my hair cut twice a year. I've been perming my hair annually for the last couple of years and recently switched over to digital perms, which is definitely the way to go. With digital, my hair seems healthier and less dry after (as compared to regular perms), the wave is more natural looking and the results last a lot longer. My hair in this post is what a digital perm looks like after a year, still has some wave to it!


- J

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