Wednesday, August 15, 2012

and i know i've said it a million times

[white hat: The Bay | white lace dress: Forever 21 | gold beaded sandals: Tahari | bag: Gucci]


Does this dress seem familiar? Well yes, it is the sister version of the one M is wearing in this post! My version is from Forever 21 and doesn't have an exposed zipper at the back (or long sleeves) like M's version from Zara. It's interesting how fast fashion retailers often come out with similar styles, but during different seasons. I've definitely seen things show up one season at H&M, then the next year at Forever 21 and vice versa.

- J


  1. I never was into lace but ever since I saw the Lover Wiccan dress, it's pretty much all I want. Anyhow, I like this option - mostly cos the sleeves look super cute on you, and I'm not a big fan of exposed zippers anyway.

    1. Thanks :)

      Lover makes some very pretty dresses. I'm definitely a fan.