Tuesday, July 24, 2012

you are a rock upon which i stand

[mint peter pan blouse: Zara | floral skirt: Forever21 | black cardigan: H&M | white leather flats: Joe Fresh]

A fellow food lover and blogger, Vickie, said I needed to smile more in my posts, and it so happened that on that same day, J and I took these. I'm actually annoyingly energetic with a permanent grin plastered to my face in real life haha but that likely doesn't come across in the photos I put up for the blog.

Does the blouse look familiar? It is actually the one seen here and here, only worn backwards now. When I saw it in Zara the button detail down the back was the second thing that caught my eye (after the mint colour of course). I knew it would become a reversible shirt for me. Versatile pieces keep me coming back because there are so many ways to play around with them. On weekends I definitely regress a little and dress on the younger side. Honestly once I hit 30 in 4 years I might need an intervention to encourage me to stop dressing like a school girl haha...

On a random note, since I'm obsessed with Instagr.am, I thought it would be nice to end this post with some of my favourite shots. If you have it follow me @cinna_min and if not you can see daily pictures from my life online on followgram.me. These were all taken with my super high-tech Ipod Touch haha! Honestly equipment doesn't have to be everything when it comes to photography.  

- M


  1. So pretty, and I love your instagram shots too.

    1. Thanks Angie :)
      haha it instantly makes all shots look more artsy.