Thursday, July 12, 2012

so come on and give me a chance

[blush pink drape blouse and navy blue pants: H&M | yellow cropped cardigan: GAP | bow flats: Liz Clairborne | yellow neon necklace: Forever 21 ]

An outfit from my draft folder today because I haven't had a chance for any get any shots for over a week now. My place is currently staged for potential buyers so pretty much everything is put away. My mornings are taking twice as long now. This was something I wore to work a few weeks back. As always colours are my favourite thing to play with. Sometimes it works better than others, but I do like trying out unusual combinations. Although often it is a result of hitting snooze one too many times and just reaching and grabbing anything from my closet. Neon and pastels are a fun mix.

I've been trying to juggle one too many things lately and am feeling burnt out again. It would be amazing if I had an off button for caring about things, because even when I don't want to, I do. Once things settle down in a few months, I'm will definitely be taking some time off to travel. Intrepid has some amazing trips across the world, so if I get too lazy to research, I might just book a tour. They have everything from camping in the Gobi desert to trekking in the Khao Sok Jungle (both on my bucket list). The site is a bit dangerous for me because I keep finding myself fantasizing about the tours that last over 100 days.

Have you travelled anywhere this year? If so where? If not where are you dying to go?

- M

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