Sunday, July 8, 2012

i was sure words had failed us

[coral dress and silver skinny belt: H&M | white leather flats: Joe Fresh ]

So aside from mint can you tell what my other colour obsession has been? This is the third time I'm posting this dress. Finally no additional layers are needed to wear it out. It's perfect for those hot and humid summer days! Other than the colour, my favourite part is how flowy the skirt is. The fabric has tons of movement when you walk and when a breeze blows by. I wear shorts underneath to prevent any Marilyn Monroe moments (which thanks to windy TTC entry ways I've had my fair share of in the past).

Summer tends to bring out lots of fashion faux pas! In particular this year I feel like tops have gotten a size or two smaller. Am I the only one who feels that I shouldn't be able to see where belly buttons are because a shirt is so taunt across someone's belly?

In other news, next week my townhouse (technically my mom's, but she moved out 2.5 years ago) is going on the market! I'm a master procrastinator so I haven't even starting putting any thought into my living situation at the end of summer. Just the thought of packing everything gives me a sense of dread.

- M


  1. I agree, bright dresses need little to none accessories and that's just what you did here :) Let the dress shines! :) Btw, good luck with selling the house. I heard the housing market's been rough these days, so ALL THE BEST! :D

    ps. I think I saw a glimpse of you (again!) at Eaton on Thursday around lunch time. Were you wearing a purple dress and carrying a burrito/sandwich lunch? hahaha... I swear I'm not a stalker! :D

    1. HAHA I don't remember what I was wearing but I think I did grab a sub that day.
      Seems like you are always spotting me when I'm getting food!!