Saturday, July 28, 2012

don't leave me standing with my heart in my hand

[white lace dress: Zara | black flats: Gap | faux leather tie belt : H&M | bracelet ring :  Forever 21 ]

This Zara dress from last winter is my favourite dress! It doesn't get out of my closet much because of how delicate it is. I normally don't put up with such high maintenance articles of clothing but all the details about it gave me a reason to compromise. The last time I wore it was back in January, in this post. I prefer the summer version since I don't have to hide it under a blazer. How much more picture heavy this post is should tell you how much I love this dress.

Since the dress is white and lace and just about as feminine a dress could be, I used slightly edgier accessories. I borrowed the tie belt from a pair of shorts and a more unique piece of jewelry. I love this bracelet and ring combo (anyone know the proper term?) because of how the chain drapes.

The Olympics have officially started! So today's red and white colour themed post is in support of Team Canada. I'm excited to watch volleyball, beach volleyball, track and field and various other events. I have the utmost respect for the athletes. They have been training for 4 years for this event and that kind of dedication isn't easy.

Are you as excited for the games as I am? What will you be watching and which countries are you cheering for?

- M


  1. That dress is so sweet and lovely :) Love it!

    Hope you'll visit my blog too at! <3

  2. Do you have a tattoo on your back?!?!

    1. No haha that is just my dress tag poking out!
      If I was to get one I would want it on my wrist or somewhere where I could see it!

  3. How often do you take pictures at this particular location cus' we could totally meet up, have some bubble tea, and then take each other's photos for our blogs! hahahaha :D

    I love this dress ever since you first got it. I remember going to Zara to hunt this dress but it was nowhere to be found. So I settled for the gray one :p Still not as pretty as yours though :)

    1. I'm in this area at least once a week and am currently condo shopping nearby too. :)

      Meeting up is a definite must! Once I get over this flu bug I'm fighting and I get back into my schedule I'll tweet you :D