Friday, July 6, 2012

answer no to these questions

[black and white tuxedo blazer & gold necklace: H&M | polka dot shirt: Forever 21 | black pencil skirt: Zara | flats: Sam Edelman | bag: Michael Kors (Joan satchel)]

Please excuse the deer-in-headlights expression on my face, this was the best photo that shows the details of the pencil skirt I'm wearing! I picked up the skirt from Zara awhile back and thought it would make a great basic addition to my wardrobe that still had some fun details to it. I love the white waist-band, the longer hem-line in the back and of course the peek of white fabric from the inside of the skirt.

Looking at this outfit makes me feel kind of sweaty as it is another sweltering day outside, but I guess that's the thing with Toronto summers. When it's not blazing hot outside, it's cool enough to wear a blazer.

I've noticed that my posts have been becoming shorter and shorter lately. I think I'm suffering from a mixture of writer's block and being too preoccupied with the going-ons in my life. Sorry!


- J


  1. This is a nice summer office look! I always love black and white ensembles and I especially love yours because it has interesting details like the small polkadots on the blouse, the chiffon skirt w/ uneven hem line (!!!!!), and the two-tone lapels on the blazer! To put it in "simple English": THIS OUTFIT IS DA BOMB! :D

    1. Haha thanks Kristy! I love black and white outfit too, there's something so crisp and clean about them!