Saturday, July 14, 2012

and i wrote two hundred letters i will never send


[white chiffon top: M for Mendocino | black pants: Zara | jewellery: Forever 21 | heels: Louboutin (Simple Pump 85mm) | bag: Michael Kors (Joan satchel)]

I wore this outfit for an event on the rooftop lounge at the Thompson Hotel last week. I must say, the view is amazing from up there! I didn't stay for long (too many people for such a small space) and ended up at a nearby pub with my cousin (thanks for shooting for me! <3) and some of her friends. Good times!

I wish I could show the fabric detail of the trousers I'm wearing as I am so in love with them! They have a subtle floral, almost brocade-like print on them. Somewhat like a grandmother's couch? Hahaha.  I like what I like! No shame about it.

Side note: it was a fairly hot day, I don't know how I managed to be outside mostly covered up like this! The things I do for fashion.


- J

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