Tuesday, June 26, 2012

you're gonna question whether you really knew me at all

[denim shirt: Forever 21 | mint pants and silver belt: H&M | leopard flats: GAP]

Celebratory dance for finally finding the perfect pale mint coloured pants at H&M! Haha yes that is how wild my life is, pants are a cause for excitement. Not much to say about the outfit today other than the obvious, I'm mint obsessed! I think it is such a perfect colour for spring and summer and pairs great with other warm weather items like denim button-downs.

On a more random note, my favourite bloggers are the ones that really let readers get a sense of who they are and genuinely share pieces of lives on their blogs. It's kind of crazy how emotionally connected you can feel to someone that you've never even met in person just by reading their blog. In the interest of opening up to the few followers that we have, I'm doing my version of the 11-random-facts-blogger-tag.

It's a list of things that lots of people know about me to things that very few people know about me. Word of warning, if personal subjects makes you uncomfortable, skip the last 3 items.

1. My sense of humour is very random, cheesy, and can be pretty crude.
The Oatmeal never fails to crack me up (especially the pig comic!)
I'm basically get as easily amused and as quickly driven to laughter as a toddler (oh the Hue-manatee).
2. I have a slight case of side-walk rage.
The pedestrian version of road rage. I walk faster than the average person. Slow walkers or people who stop suddenly in-front of me really bother me. Outwardly I'm smiling and saying excuse me, inside I'm yelling OUTTA MY WAY! LOL
(Side note: I've walked the entire TTC bloor-danforth (green) subway line twice! It takes 7-8 hours with breaks and I'm looking for takers to do it again this year)
3. I'm a nerd/geek!
Star Wars, Harry Potter, A Song of Ice and Fire, comic book heroes, anime, internet memes are all <3s.
By the end of my lifetime, I'm sure the amount of time I spent on the internet will be measurable in years.
The awkward nerdy characters are generally my favourites!
4. I rarely address people I like by their real name.
This is how you can tell if you are more than just an acquaintance.
J, aka Jellofer, can account for the fact that I've done this since high school.
They normally don't make sense and sometimes just Mr/Mrs *insert semi-description about you* haha but still more fun than just your real name :)
5. I believe holding things up to my eyes during scary movies/TV shows protects me.
Scary movies/TV shows turn me into a BIG CHICKEN. I can only make it to the end if I have a pillow, blanket, jacket, or basically anything I can hold up to my face and watch from behind of. 
6. I genuinely don't care about money.
I never check my pay stubs. I've left cheques un-cashed before.
I work harder and for longer hours in positions that earn less income. As long as I can pay my bills I'm more than happy.
7. If I could be anyone for a day, it would be Anthony Bourdain! (maybe make that day, a week or a month)
His life is the culmination of my two biggest loves! Food and travel. Not to mention he is just overall a awesome person with a super dry sense of humour and complete disregard for how others see him.
8. I didn't own a single dress or skirt until my final year in University.
Despite how it might seem from this blog, I actually not as acquainted with my feminine side as most people would guess. I was a tomboy growing up and am still one at heart now.
9. Most of the time I don't know what I really want.
After 26 years, I'm still not quite sure of who I am or what I want to do with my life. A lot of the decisions/choices I made in my late teens and early twenties stemmed from being the only child of a single parent. Ever since my mother re-married 2 years ago I've been trying to figure what it is that I really want.
Indecisiveness is my kryptonite.  
10. I know what depression feels like.
I went through it when I was 19 and fortunately pulled myself out of it after a few months. Feeling like you are completely alone, losing interest in everything you hold most dear, and not seeing a reason for getting up in the morning are some of the scariest things you can experience as a human being. 
11. One of my biggest fears is becoming like the one person who I have spent the majority of my life trying to distance myself from. 

Congratulations if you made it through the whole post (being concise is clearly not my forte)! Don't worry it'll be back to the regularly scheduled program on the next post.

Do any of my random facts speak to you? (haha) Do we have anything in common?

- M


  1. We actually have a lot in common :)

    1. It's because we both love party pants! HAHA

  2. Loving this post! I like walking a lot and fast as well and I get sooo annoyed with slow walkers! When I used to live on St. Clair and Bathrust and was on my mat leave I would take the stroller and walk to Yonge and Bloor! Not to metion Yorkdale or EC with my baby in babybjorn, oh, I miss that workout. I am the opposite, I prefer wearing skirts and except for jeans I do not own a lot of dress pants!I did go through some tough times after splitting up from my ex and being totally alone here in Toronto, and I think, I am a loner but a social loner, is that even possible?

    1. Thanks Julia! Getting personal with the internet can be surprisingly refreshing. Haha yes I think my speed-walking skills were vastly improved during my time at Gap! Especially during the holiday season.

      Yeah it is unrealistic to go through life without good and bad. Even if I'm a perky energetic person by nature, I'm not a robot. I don't think we should hide the ups or downs because it contributes to the whole experience of life.

      Yes it is! I've been through periods where I have loner tendencies but that doesn't mean I didn't still love being around people haha.

  3. hum I would say we hold in common the same love for chambray shirts and can I say I love this mix of denim and mint green?
    Haha blogging is a funny world, you know a certain facet of these people's lives and sometimes even get a chance to physically meet them and must adjust your 'perception' of them altogether. A lot of my friends are ones I met through blogging actually while most non-blog people find that a bit creepy and weird. :P

    1. Thanks Sam! I appreciate even more since I love your aesthetic!

      Haha yeah some of my friends find it weird too but I've met people, foodies and artists, through the internet way before even blogging.

      Following bloggers is like reverse pointillism, rather than blending the individual pieces, you learn everything about one tiny aspect of someones life before seeing the whole picture.

  4. we have 7/10 things in common min. (only because I still don't own any dresses or skirts, but when that happens, we'll be that much more awesome)


    1. I know we also have the same love of scarves! :D

      haha when that day comes please document it!

  5. Love love love! The colours are really great. Were you the one who recommended The Oatmeal to me? I can't remember but I love it now.. haha. I also have side-walk rage; really annoys me when people think they own the side walk. I mean.. really?

    1. haha I was the one who recommended The Oatmeal! :)