Thursday, June 14, 2012

you make me feel like i am free again

[light mint blouse: Zara | abstract splatter skirt and orange belt: H&M | heels: Franco Sarto | cuff pyramid bracelet: Forever21]

Side note: Yes my elbows are just giant bruises from my incorrect diving technique in volleyball. I haven't perfected running and throwing myself at a hardwood court without scrapping some part of myself yet. :(

So finally my OOTD from Scrubs in the City event last Thursday. Carrying a dslr camera body +  a lens + external flash for 4 hours straight = simple outfit. This Zara blouse is pretty great! It has unexpected button detailing down the back, which is not only really "sweet", but also makes the shirt reversible. The more versatile something is the quicker I'm sold on it! I paired it with a more structured skirt that wouldn't get blown up by the wind or drag on the floor when I had to crouch to get a shot. When push comes to shove, I'm more about function than form.

 If you live in Toronto and haven't been to the Brick Works, I strongly encourage making a visit. The space is stunning! Here are a few random shots (of the 100+ that I took) from the night. (My "shot list" was really just to capture the venue.)

The last photo is one of Shawn Desman performing. (I now have even more respect for photographers who shoot live events/performances, it is ridiculously hard to get a decent shot!) For me food photography has a slight edge over portraiture, because it's much easier and I get to eat, but I am really enjoying capturing portraits. When I was in university and drawing regularly, it was by far my favourite subject matter. How much you can read and interpret from someone's expression is fascinating!

Has anyone been to a special event lately? Are there any tips or rules you always follow?

- M


  1. Whoa you guys are in Toronto??? I used to live in Toronto! I once shot my ballerina friend in the Brickworks before it was vamped up- I've never been back since and it looks like it's changed a lot. It used to be super dusty and you had to climb over a wire fence to get in (yes back in high school I was still lugging around my SLR and jumping fences).

    And that is the prettiest mint blouse I've seen from Zara although I don't think they stock it here in HK!

    1. At the risk of sounding stalker-ish, I know! lol I stumbled on your blog almost a year ago and have read most of your posts.
      I wish I saw it in it's original state! The chandeliers/couches were of course for the event.

      Interesting...I feel like it would really suit the HK market.

  2. I love the top! It is gorgeous! And I have to visit Brick works

    1. Julia you would LOVE it!
      the fresh farmers market on the weekend is amazing!