Friday, June 22, 2012

yeah the truth is, that i miss you so

[dress: H&M | flats: GAP]

Starting to notice that my "signature look" on the blog is just looking down...haha. I haven't felt like looking at the camera as much lately.

Summer came in to Toronto full force this year in the form of a "heatwave". Quotes are being used because so far I haven't had to turn on a fan once, but every other single person seems to find the temperature unbearable. I adore hot weather and don't feel its effects until it hits over 40. I spend most of Winter complaining about the cold, so you won't hear a peep out of me during summer. Sundresses are just so easy to throw on in the morning, which lets me hit the snooze button once or twice more in the morning.

My favourite part of the warm temperature is having the excuse to consume A TON of frozen goodies. Amongst several others, J can testify that I have spent entire days eating nothing but gelato, froyo, and popsicles. (My current top pick is Salted Caramel froyo!) There is no faster way to bond with me or quicker way to cheer me up than with an iced treat. This years intake has, beyond a doubt, been higher than before. 

I am also looking forward to all the clich√© summertime fun; beach days, barbecues, patios, and just being outdoors as much as possible.

What are your favourite things about summer?



  1. Eating fresh foods- veggies, fruit, everything seems to taste better in the summer. I ususally switch to a lighter menu in the summer....Where do you get froyo downtown? I have never tried it before but salted caramel sounds divine :)

    1. I agree! Nothing more refreshing than biting into some fresh fruit on a hot summer day!

      Yogurty's has a few locations the one I frequent the most is on Bloor near Bathurst! (just a block away from its competition, Menchies)