Sunday, June 10, 2012

up in flames, we have slowly gone

[bright blue blouse: thrifted | grey shorts: Forever21 | yellow skinny belt: Joe Fresh | denim flats: Old Navy]

I haven't had time to go through all the photos from Scrubs in the City yet so I will post those later in the week along with my OOTD from the event. In the interim, these are two shots from yesterday.

By now my love of colour should be pretty evident. I couldn't help but copy J's pictures infront of graffiti when I walked by this wall . I know graffiti is considered vandalism in many cases, but I love the colour and character it brings to urban spaces.

I had a casual day downtown to watch a couple Euro Cup games and grab some good eats. Well, mostly it was fried foods...onion rings, fries, and nachos! I definitely worked it all off playing volleyball today in a gym without any A/C. Anyways, this blouse is still my favourite thrift store find. If you have been reading since the beginning, you saw it in one of my first posts. The bright blue turns any bottom into an instant outfit.

Has anyone else checked out their local thrift stores and been able get some amazing finds?

- M


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    1. Thanks! That is definitely what drew me to it!

  2. Always- unfortunately there aren't any great thrift stores in Hong Kong unlike Canada. That blue blouse is such a great find though- I would have thought it was from Zara!

    1. Thanks Sam. I love your blog!!
      You actually aren't the first to say that.