Saturday, June 2, 2012

i'm bulletproof, nothing to lose

[white tee, neon yellow gradient scarf, peep-toe flats: H&M | skirt: Club Monaco]

The 80s and neon have definitely come back full force this year. You know you are getting older when things from the decade you were born in are making a come back. Like J, I have been gravitating to neon yellow lately. When you want to test the waters of the latest trend, accessories are an easy way to incorporate them. This scarf makes the whole outfit for me. It is actually a white scarf that gradients into neon yellow ends (only $9.95 in H&M stores right now). If you have been following since the blog first started, I'm sure I've mentioned my scarf obsession before. Rarely can I go more than a few months without adding a new one to my collection. The other two items I'm wearing are both from some initial posts last fall! Skirt seen here and white tee in our very first post

My collection of bruises from volleyball and from just being clumsy is starting to grow! What you see is what you get on this blog, I don't photoshop any photos, other than correct the tone on the ones taken indoors. And in real life, honestly I can't be bothered to wear tights in warm weather and I have no problem with people seeing the battle scars (haha). Have a good weekend all!

- M

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