Saturday, June 16, 2012

baby you don't know me

[necklace: Forever 21 | gold sequinned tank: Joe Fresh | blush pink lace skirt: Mono B (M for Mendocino) | flats: Sam Edelman | purse: Rebecca Minkoff (MAC Mini)]

Super girly outfit today! 

If you haven't noticed before on the blog, let me tell you now. I love wearing dresses and skirts of all lengths. They are definitely my bottom of choice in the warmer months. I'm pretty sure I own more skirts than I do pants (jeans included). I know this probably sounds kind of silly (and slightly unpractical?) coming from someone who lives in a place where it is pretty much cold for more than 6 months of the year!

[bracelets: all from Forever 21 except the black one (J.Crew)]

- J

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