Tuesday, May 15, 2012

wanna feel your fire

[cardigan: Zara | coral dress: H&M | studded skinny belt: Forever 21 | leopard flats: GAP]

In order to maintain some sense of normalcy in my life, I'm still updating the blog despite the drama of trying to get into China asap. I'll break this post into 2 and start with just the OOTD part so you can skip the life details if you aren't interested.

Yes, I have been wearing this Zara cardigan to death and you have already seen the dress here. I like the mild weather version more and am looking forward to wearing it without any layers in summer.
Since I haven't found the perfect high-low hemline dress/skirt, this is my version of the trend. I wore this last weekend while running errands and grabbing a late lunch. After a long fall and winter of heavy layers and being covered up, it's nice to just throw on some light pieces and run out the door.

- M

If you were wondering why I was rushing back, I mentioned a family emergency in an earlier post. My grandfather's health has taken a turn for the worst and I'm flying out tomorrow at 2pm.

It feels like I'm about to drown in the sea of emotions that are flooding over me. Up to this point I've been very lucky never to lose anyone who was close to me or to have to deal with death. At the moment I'm being distracted by the need to get all the documents, flights, and trains in order.  However as that is wrapping up, I'm really starting to get scared. I'm worried I won't make it...I'm worried of what I'm going to see if I do make it...I'm worried I won't have the right words to say (especially in Mandarin). I can't even imagine how hard it is for the rest of my family.

 This sounds horrible but despite knowing which priorities come first, I still can't push aside everything else on my mind at the moment. 

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