Friday, May 11, 2012

i try to walk away and i stumble

[bracelets: Forever 21, DIY, H&M]

Zara's current collection is a bit dangerous for my budget. I'm trying to avoid the store, which is hard when the entrance to my office is only 2 steps away. At the moment there are too many things in the store that I want, most impractical of all being crochet short shorts. So far I have only picked up two items, which I wore together this past weekend, this blouse (go peter pan collars!) and cardigan. I can already tell both are going to get lots of wear this summer so I don't feel as bad.

This is another one of those outfits that isn't for everyone. I don't think most people think of faux leather shorts as a spring article of clothing but I like contrasting soft blouses with edgier bottoms. There is just more visual interest when things are juxtaposed.

Apologies for looking so tired and lifeless in the pictures. I'm still not feeling 100% back to my perky self yet. Next week I'm flying back to China for a family emergency. (Keep your fingers crossed for me that I make it there in time.) While I'm there I will be cut off from all social media platforms since everything is blocked in China. However, I do have some posts I haven't put up yet and J will still be here to update the blog.

[cardigan and blouse: Zara | faux leather shorts: H&M | thigh high socks: unknown | flats: Liz Clairborne]

- M


  1. I say YES YES YES to peter pan collar, too! :) Gotta love the soft color combo of mint green and white <3 And that cardigan looks perfect for breezy summer days (and nights!) I agree with you, ZARA can be super dangerous for my wallet. They have the cutest stuff but not at the most affordable prices -_-

    Sorry to hear about your family emergency. I'll keep you and your fam in my prayers. Stay strong! :)

    1. I know we share the same love of them :)
      Thanks for your thoughts <3