Saturday, May 19, 2012

don't ask me, I'll never tell


This is maxi skirt number-I-don't-even-know-anymore. Like my collection of blazers (I have 15, I just cleaned my closet and counted), my collection of maxi skirts has also been growing. Both items are now officially on my shopping ban list. I have no idea what will become of my wardrobe when I move out (upcoming in 2013). Closet space is definitely going to be an issue for me!

On a side note, this was a very weather-appropriate outfit until I got down to the beaches area (where these photos were taken). Can't trust being down by the lake in May! The breeze felt like ice!

[ring: Topshop | nail polish: Chanel - Blue Satin & Essie - Mint Candy Apple]


[hat: Talula (Aritzia) | sweater: Old Navy | skirt: Mikkat Market | bag: Cambridge Satchel Company | shoes: Pour La Victoire]

- J

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