Monday, May 21, 2012

change the weather, still together when it ends

[blazer: Club Monaco | top: Zara | pants: Forever 21 | flats: Sam Edelman | bag: Michael Kors]

Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians! I hope you all have been enjoying your long weekend. It's been absolutely gorgeous in Toronto this weekend with lots of sunshine and summer-like temperatures. With that being said, this outfit was taken when the temperature was slightly cooler (I'd be boiling in an outfit like this today!). The bottoms, I'll admit are probably borderline pajama-pants, I love them haha!

Hooray! This will be one of the last outfits of mine (I have one more outfit left) you will see on this blog shot by my old point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot. I see M pretty often (we always shoot with her DSLR, Canon Rebel T2i in case you were curious), but not often enough to get enough content for our blog. My fianc√© (aka. Bee, not his real name, I just call him that) takes outfit photos for me the other half of the time. The pictures I get from my camera are no where near as nice and crisp as from M's, so he surprised me with a compact DSLR this weekend! If you're looking into getting one, I got the Olypmus PEN Mini E-PM1. I've been testing it out all weekend and am totally in love with it now. Thank you Bee, you're the best! <3

- J

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