Thursday, May 31, 2012

before you know it, you're frozen


There's something about this particular maxi skirt that reminds me of the 90s, I think it must be the silhouette of it. Or maybe it's the pattern. So it seems that my wardrobe has exploded in polkadots lately. Maybe I'm turning into my mother (it's her favourite print!) haha. 

Gah, looking at the photo above makes me want a Tim Horton's raspberry frozen lemonade now. M let me try some of her's on Saturday and now I've been craving them ever since!

[rings (L-R): Blue Banana Market, Topshop, Durumi & Chocolate | nail polish: Lynnderella - Baby Blue Candy Bunny]

[hat: Talula (Aritzia) | black sleeveless top & gladiator sandals: H&M | polka dot side slit maxi skirt: Forever 21 | bag: Michael Kors (Joan satchel)]

So these H&M sandals are super old. I think they may be entering summer #4 or 5. They are not leather, still show little signs of wear on the heels and I wear them really often. Is it me or does anyone feel like old H&M stuff lasts longer than the stuff they sell now?

- J

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

i gave you more than i could give

[dress: Forever 21 | leopard flats: Gap]

A lazy outfit post form me today. In the warm weather, layering is impossible. I'm even turned off from wearing accessories. This outfit is nothing but the dress. The colour and bow detail take the work out of figuring out what to wear in the morning. I was out the door within 5 minutes of getting out of the shower. I spent that day at a semi-formal event taking photos for some special people before going for Japanese food. (I actually prefer to be behind the camera much more!)

If there was one common trend in my very inconsistent closet, it would be that a significant number of the items have bows. So needless to say, when I spotted this dress I had a I-have-to-have-this! moment. My size wasn't in the store at the time, so I went on a mission hunting it down, it spanned over 2 weeks and I won't even disclose how many times I visited the store. When I know I want something, I generally don't give up until its mine. It's actually a useful personality trait, but only for people who are good at figuring out what they want, which is something I'm terrible at!

- M

Sunday, May 27, 2012

the place that i once knew

[button down shirt and flats: Gap | shorts: Old Navy | accessories: H&M, Forever21, and DIY]

I'm back again in Toronto after a physically and emotionally draining trip. After 30 hours+ of travelling on 5 different types of transportation, including a sketchy 4 hour bus ride, I was able to just make it a day before my grandfather passed. I know as much about Chinese customs and funerals as I do about rocket science. A lot of the following days, just involved me following instructions on what to do while comforting my grandmother and mom. Most of it went by in a complete blur. Still it was nice seeing and reconnecting with my family. I had missed them more than I realized.

It was surprising coming back to such warm weather in Toronto. I can't remember the last time it was 30-something degrees in May. This summer is likely going to be really hot, which will mean I'm going to get very lazy about getting dressed in the morning. Hello t-shirts and shorts dominated posts. I wore this yesterday when I went out with J. Still can't get enough of blue and yellow together. This shirt is at least from 4 years ago, Gap button down shirts are nearly indestructible.

- M

ps. Random life lesson. After losing people close to me in one way or another recently, I want to encourage everyone to make the most of the time you have with the people in your life. Enjoy the moments you have with them because you never know when your paths will separate.

Friday, May 25, 2012

i will be chasing the starlight

[neon yellow necklace: H&M]

The weather in Toronto has been really warm lately in Toronto, it feels like summer is here already! Come to think about it, I've hardly had to wear tights at all this Spring (I hate being cold).

So I've been searching for a fitted, light-wash soft chambray button-down for the longest time and finally found one a few weeks ago at Forever 21 that fit my budget ($35 max). I have another one, but it is slightly oversized, darker wash and stiffer.

[white hat: H&M (men's) | chambray shirt: Forever 21 | gold skirt: H&M | leopard print loafers: ALDO | white bag: Cambridge Satchel Company]

- J

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

you keep me wide awake and waiting for the sun

[blazer: Elizabeth and James | shirt: H&M | jeans: Parasuco | bracelet: Forever 21 | purse: Rebecca Minkoff | flats: Sam Edelman]

Looking at this picture makes me laugh. M got me to stand on that ledge and I ended up being partially in the bushes behind me. I struggled a bit to keep my balance, haha.

Anyways, this outfit is a classic example of me being in a rush to get out of the house and putting minimal thought into my outfit. Jeans + random top + blazer. Soon enough it will be too hot for me to wear blazers, so my go-to outfits for summer are almost always a lightweight dress that doesn't have to be ironed plus sandals.

[nail polish: Lynnderella - Connect the Dots over Love & Beauty - Neon Yellow]

I was bored and decided I wanted to paint my nails obnoxiously bright. It's like highlighters on my fingertips! 

- J

Monday, May 21, 2012

change the weather, still together when it ends

[blazer: Club Monaco | top: Zara | pants: Forever 21 | flats: Sam Edelman | bag: Michael Kors]

Happy Victoria Day to my fellow Canadians! I hope you all have been enjoying your long weekend. It's been absolutely gorgeous in Toronto this weekend with lots of sunshine and summer-like temperatures. With that being said, this outfit was taken when the temperature was slightly cooler (I'd be boiling in an outfit like this today!). The bottoms, I'll admit are probably borderline pajama-pants, I love them haha!

Hooray! This will be one of the last outfits of mine (I have one more outfit left) you will see on this blog shot by my old point-and-shoot Canon PowerShot. I see M pretty often (we always shoot with her DSLR, Canon Rebel T2i in case you were curious), but not often enough to get enough content for our blog. My fianc√© (aka. Bee, not his real name, I just call him that) takes outfit photos for me the other half of the time. The pictures I get from my camera are no where near as nice and crisp as from M's, so he surprised me with a compact DSLR this weekend! If you're looking into getting one, I got the Olypmus PEN Mini E-PM1. I've been testing it out all weekend and am totally in love with it now. Thank you Bee, you're the best! <3

- J

Saturday, May 19, 2012

don't ask me, I'll never tell


This is maxi skirt number-I-don't-even-know-anymore. Like my collection of blazers (I have 15, I just cleaned my closet and counted), my collection of maxi skirts has also been growing. Both items are now officially on my shopping ban list. I have no idea what will become of my wardrobe when I move out (upcoming in 2013). Closet space is definitely going to be an issue for me!

On a side note, this was a very weather-appropriate outfit until I got down to the beaches area (where these photos were taken). Can't trust being down by the lake in May! The breeze felt like ice!

[ring: Topshop | nail polish: Chanel - Blue Satin & Essie - Mint Candy Apple]


[hat: Talula (Aritzia) | sweater: Old Navy | skirt: Mikkat Market | bag: Cambridge Satchel Company | shoes: Pour La Victoire]

- J

Thursday, May 17, 2012


[scarf: Jason Wu for Target | top: Forever 21 layered over H&M | jeans: Parasuco | shoes: ALDO]

Cat-print scarf, leopard-print denim and loafers? Today's outfit is inspired by cats haha! Say what you must, but I am definitely a cat person (I like dogs too, preferably small ones, but cats will always steal my heart). Side note: me in a nutshell.

Anyways, this was my first time wearing this scarf out since picking it up from the Jason Wu for Target Pop-Up Shop back in February. Sometimes I forget about the stuff I buy, bad habits, I know. I remember the scarf being a very coveted item at the sale, they sold out fast! Lucky for me and my friends, we all managed to get one.

M is currently in China as per her last post, she won't see this until she gets back since Blogger (among other sites) is blocked there. Please keep her in your thoughts as she is going through some stressful times! <3

[bracelets: J.Crew, H&M]

- J

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

wanna feel your fire

[cardigan: Zara | coral dress: H&M | studded skinny belt: Forever 21 | leopard flats: GAP]

In order to maintain some sense of normalcy in my life, I'm still updating the blog despite the drama of trying to get into China asap. I'll break this post into 2 and start with just the OOTD part so you can skip the life details if you aren't interested.

Yes, I have been wearing this Zara cardigan to death and you have already seen the dress here. I like the mild weather version more and am looking forward to wearing it without any layers in summer.
Since I haven't found the perfect high-low hemline dress/skirt, this is my version of the trend. I wore this last weekend while running errands and grabbing a late lunch. After a long fall and winter of heavy layers and being covered up, it's nice to just throw on some light pieces and run out the door.

- M

If you were wondering why I was rushing back, I mentioned a family emergency in an earlier post. My grandfather's health has taken a turn for the worst and I'm flying out tomorrow at 2pm.

It feels like I'm about to drown in the sea of emotions that are flooding over me. Up to this point I've been very lucky never to lose anyone who was close to me or to have to deal with death. At the moment I'm being distracted by the need to get all the documents, flights, and trains in order.  However as that is wrapping up, I'm really starting to get scared. I'm worried I won't make it...I'm worried of what I'm going to see if I do make it...I'm worried I won't have the right words to say (especially in Mandarin). I can't even imagine how hard it is for the rest of my family.

 This sounds horrible but despite knowing which priorities come first, I still can't push aside everything else on my mind at the moment. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

there can be no other reason why

EDIT* Normally J and I alternate posts for the blog, but you will just have me for the next few posts before I leave and then J is going to take over. 
Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there!
Today is also my mom's birthday so extra love goes out to her. After volleyball, I'm spending the rest of the day with her. I can't imagine how difficult things are for her right now, so I hope I can offer what little comfort I can over dinner. Hope everyone takes the time to tell their moms how much they care about them! Most of us take for granted that our loved ones will always be there...

Anyways on the the outfit, something simple for a Sunday outing. My number one concern in the morning is; will this be comfortable to walk around in? I realized while writing this that the only thing I'm wearing that isn't H&M are my flats. Yes, I'm practically a walking mannequin for that store.

I love crisp white and black for the springtime because they make an easy neutral base to add bright accessories to. A bright bag or bracelet is an easy way for anyone to add a pop a colour to an outfit. The yellow satchel has been getting lots of compliments.

[white shirt dress, leggings, belt, bag, and bracelets: H&M | bow flats: Liz Clairborne]

- M

ps. Sorry about the wrinkly shirt dress! I've just never been the type to iron my clothing unless I absolutely need to...I think I can count the the number of times that I have in my entire life on one hand. (haha)

Friday, May 11, 2012

i try to walk away and i stumble

[bracelets: Forever 21, DIY, H&M]

Zara's current collection is a bit dangerous for my budget. I'm trying to avoid the store, which is hard when the entrance to my office is only 2 steps away. At the moment there are too many things in the store that I want, most impractical of all being crochet short shorts. So far I have only picked up two items, which I wore together this past weekend, this blouse (go peter pan collars!) and cardigan. I can already tell both are going to get lots of wear this summer so I don't feel as bad.

This is another one of those outfits that isn't for everyone. I don't think most people think of faux leather shorts as a spring article of clothing but I like contrasting soft blouses with edgier bottoms. There is just more visual interest when things are juxtaposed.

Apologies for looking so tired and lifeless in the pictures. I'm still not feeling 100% back to my perky self yet. Next week I'm flying back to China for a family emergency. (Keep your fingers crossed for me that I make it there in time.) While I'm there I will be cut off from all social media platforms since everything is blocked in China. However, I do have some posts I haven't put up yet and J will still be here to update the blog.

[cardigan and blouse: Zara | faux leather shorts: H&M | thigh high socks: unknown | flats: Liz Clairborne]

- M

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

you got your head in the clouds


I've been wearing so much colour lately that I felt like a neutral outfit on the blog was in order! It's been awhile. 

I bought this cape-trench two years ago at H&M (they brought it back last year in a slightly lighter material) and I'm still very much in love with it as I was when I first got it. For some reason, I always get stopped by strangers asking me where I bought it almost every time I wear it out.

[bracelets: Forever 21 & H&M | nail polish: Essie - Mint Candy Apple]

I took off the strap of my Rebecca Minkoff bag and used it as a clutch, I don't know how some girls do it. I quickly got very tired of carrying it under my arm everywhere! It seems I definitely prefer my bags to have straps and handles lol.

[coat: H&M | jeans: Parasuco | shoes: ALDO | clutch: Rebecca Minkoff]

- J

Monday, May 7, 2012

how long can we keep this up


[striped dress worn as top and girls silver skinny belt: H&M | maroon skirt: Forever 21 | dot tights: Joe Fresh | flats: Pure]

 This corduroy skirt (already seen here and here) is quickly becoming a staple in my closet because it's so easy to throw on. The weather has been amazing lately and I feel like I could be outside all day and night.

Last Friday I wore this to watch The Avengers, which was pretty good. It had really had the audience laughing. It is a well done comic-to-movie franchise but I'm definitely looking forward to seeing The Dark Knight Rises, a lot more. I think Christopher Nolan is an absolute genius! Every time I see a preview it give me the chills and makes the hair on my arm stand on end!

Darker movies and emotionally disturbed characters appeal really appeal to me. Most people that know me wouldn't guess it, but Inception, Black Swan, Memento and similar movies that leave you feeling unsettled are my favourites. (Wonder if that means something...LOL) Most of the time I'm all about sunshine, lollipops, and rainbows, but everyone has a darker side. Mine tends to come out in my taste in movies and occasionally in my art. Check out one of my better drawings here, if you are curious.

- M

Saturday, May 5, 2012

but even the sun sets in paradise


I enjoy the bright yellow background of these photos! Not going to lie, posing next to an empty school bus in a semi-empty parking lot still gets you weird looks from random passing cars (yes, they do slow down to see what's up).

It was finally warm enough yesterday to wear this dress! I've had it for a few months now, but haven't worn it yet because I don't like how it looks on with tights.

[necklaces: H&M (top) & Forever 21 (bottom)]

[cardigan: H&M | dress: Forever 21 | bag: Cambridge Satchel Company | shoes: Sam Edelman]

I know it's hard to tell from the pictures, but this dress is one of those hi-low/mullet style dresses. Don't ask me how or why, but I already have a mini collection of skirts and dresses with hems like this. Shopaholic issues haha.

- J

Thursday, May 3, 2012

and brick by brick we start crumbling


[bracelets: Forever 21, H&M and DIY]

Another casual weekend post this time. After 3 hours of volleyball on Sunday, I decided it made sense to go for a 2 hour walk. Yes, I have issues with making smart decisions! When the weather is nice it is hard to want to stay inside. I picked up this long cardigan at Zara last month for just these I'm-too-tired-to-pick-out-what-to-wear-days.

I've been very lazy with getting dressed these past few days, because I've just been distracted. I know this blog isn't a forum for my rants, but in the interest of keeping things real, I'm sharing. For the last few posts, I've mentioned countless times that work has been stressing me out, well when it rains, it pours. I'm now also trying to deal with aspects of my personal life too. I pride myself on being a happy-go-lucky person but even I have limits.

Very special thank yous are required for the individuals who are supporting me through this difficult time, I wouldn't know what to do without them. You guys know who you are and I couldn't be more appreciative. <3

Sorry for the emotional drivel! I promise this is my last melodramatic post! I have time booked off work soon and as long as there are no emergency trips back home to China required, I will get the time off that I need to recoup.

[cardigan: Zara | lace overlay tank: Forever 21 | leggings and necklace: H&M | denim flats: Old Navy]

- M

p.s. Yesterday we hit over 10K views! I realize this isn't a huge number but still a milestone none-the-less :) Thanks people!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

i'm spinning around in circles


Yay pastels! I think I am officially in love with these pink jeans. I always find myself grabbing them out of my dresser over other denim.

Keeping this post short and sweet...Sorry everyone! I'm in a transitional period of my life right now and am dying to get back into routines. I feel as if I've been travelling at 500 km/h for the past few months! It's exciting, but tiring at the same time.

[blazer: Elizabeth and James | top: Zara | jeans: Sirens | flats: | bag: Cambridge Satchel Co. | bracelets: H&M]

PS. Happy first day of May! Wow, almost halfway through the year!

- J