Sunday, April 1, 2012

let it fill the space between

[blazer: City Downtown (George Brown College) | tank: City Uptown (George Brown College) | trousers: Zara | flats: Belle by Sigerson Morrison]

I can't believe it's April already! 

These Zara trousers are probably going to be my new favourite bottoms this season. I just got them about a week ago and all I want to do is wear them all the time. For one, they are comfy. Secondly, they are pale mint green, and lastly they have that cool ombre denim colour effect going on at the top. 

I really have to say that everything looks amazing in Zara this season, there is so much that I want to buy from there. They make it really hard to stick to my budget haha.


Lastly, I leave you with this random outtake which looks kind of fun. Not quite sure what Bee was doing with my camera when this happened, but I enjoy it.


- J


  1. Hi I noticed that some of the clothes you are wearing are from George Brown College. Are City Downtown/Uptown a clothing store with clothes made by the students??? :O

    1. Nope! The clothes are all sourced from wholesalers and really depends on what the student-buyers pick out. Each semester two different classes of fashion students run the store. They do everything from buying, managing, marketing, accounting to selling.

    2. ohh and what's the price range? like closer to F21 or closer to zara? and they're both located at casa loma campus right?

    3. I'd say definitely closer to F21. Nothing is generally over $50. Yup they are both on that campus, but are closing for the semester in the next few days!

    4. oh no! I guess I won't be able to check it out until next september. :( glad that you posted about this place though because it sounds really awesome!

    5. Yeah, they definitely do bring in some cool pieces! Just a head's up that the stores aren't always open every day and when they are open it may only be for about 2 hours (usually around the lunch hour).