Sunday, April 29, 2012

what's standing in front of me

[tank: H&M | mint sweater: Forever21 | pants and leopard flats: GAP | belt: Joe Fresh]

It's good to be back in Toronto! Yesterday I went to my mom's new townhouse to help her move and unpack. The place was gorgeous and walk-in closet is larger than my bedroom! I only have a casual post, since I spent the day cleaning and opening boxes yesterday and I don't think anyone would care to see my workout gear that I'm wearing for volleyball today.

I picked up this sweater just last week. Mint green is such a nice colour and I love seeing it in every store this season. I'm really looking forward to summer and warmer weather so I don't have to hide under wool jackets anymore. Anyways, I'm going to run now! 

- M

Friday, April 27, 2012

april snapshots

What's been happening lately...


Just like my December snapshots post, I have acquired another Starbucks mug for my collection, this time all the way from Turkey (thanks Seyhmus!).

Printed trousers & denim, from Forever 21 and Winners. I got the leopard-print denim (by Parasuco) for a steal at Winners for $16.


Brand new 11" Cambridge Satchel Company bag in white. Hooray for 20% off at

Lynnderella polishes, I'm in love! Enough said.


Short rain boots from Winners and a pair of Sam Edelman sandals that are dying for some warmer weather.

More arm candy, this time from Mikkat Market.

- J

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

DIY: neon & pastel jewellery




Had a little fun and decided to paint more cheap jewellery (thanks Forever 21!), inspired a la Tom Binns! The earrings especially were inspired by this Tom Binns necklace. I've always have had a habit of using my nail polish to paint other things. I even have the light switch I painted with baby blue nail polish when I was 12 still up! I decided to mix things up by painting some of the stones of this necklace with pastel colours. I figured since I did a neon yellow and hot pink necklace (not shown) a few months ago, soft pastels would be fun. Not sure how I feel about the end result, but a Qtip and some nail polish remover will easily let me switch things up!

I think I'm going to attempt to paint a chain necklace next time in neon brights. Should be fun (but messy)!

- J

Monday, April 23, 2012

every minute of the future isn't written

[blazer and top H&M | red pants: Urban Planet | bracelets: Forever21 | bow heels: Ann Marino]

Hello again from Montreal! I was in Toronto for the weekend to photograph a planting event for Evergreen on Saturday and for a volleyball training clinic on Sunday. The weekend went by like a complete blur! As I've mentioned before, when I'm exhausted I need a colour boost from my clothes to energize me. These red pants have already been seen in this post and this post and I doubt I will be getting tired of them!

On a random note, how ironic is it that I feel almost more foreign in Montreal than I do in countries like Thailand and Japan. There is a lot less English used in signage here. Luckily the first thing I retain from other languages are food names!

- M

Saturday, April 21, 2012

just shoot for the stars


Now that it's been warming up a bit, I have gone back to living in maxi skirts. Personally, I find them very versatile for spring and autumn weather. I really hate being cold, but after spending all of winter wearing pants, I'm dying to switch it up. Maxi skirts give me all the freedoms of wearing skirts plus some added warmth a shorter skirt can't provide. Unless I'm wearing tights, that's a different story though.

[bracelets: Durumi & Chocolate, H&M]

[earring/ear cuff: H&M | leather jacket: Identify | top: City Uptown, layered over Topshop | skirt: Forever 21 | flats: Sam Edelman |  purse: Rebecca Minkoff]

- J

Thursday, April 19, 2012

you've been the only thing that's right in all i've done

[dress, belt, and bracelet: H&M | scarf: Forever21 | flats: GAP | black tights: Unknown]

Picked up this dress for $15 at H&M recently! I like belting shift dresses so I absent mindedly grabbed this bow belt from the rack and fell in love with the two paired together. Patterns have slowly been working their way into my closet of almost all solids. I'm still leery about bold patterns, but houndstooth is such a classic, so it was less intimidating.

I'm currently in Montreal for work. Travelling is not a normal part of my job, so it should be nice perk, but when you are nearing the point of burning out, it is harder to appreciate. (The state of my skin and eyebags tell all)

I'm definitely in need of a vacation. Travelling is one of my biggest passions. A few years ago I realized that I spent so much of my late teens and early 20s putting work first. There are so many years of work ahead, I didn't have to kill myself trying to do as much as I did. Since my epiphany, I've been to Nanjing, Shanghai, Cuba, Tokyo, Kyoto, New York, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Phuket. Most people miss home when they are away for long durations but I've yet to experience feeling homesick. I actually miss being away and am always sad to return home. Don't get me wrong, I love Toronto! I just want to see, experience, and taste the endless new things the world has to offer.

- M

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

something that were like those years


This outfit is definitely school uniform inspired. I felt like a school boy all day in it! I think it's the mix of the blazer and the trousers making me feel this way. Speaking of uniforms, I wore a uniform for all four years of high school and didn't really mind at all. It made mornings so much easier. These days, I find I have my own "uniform" for where I'm a bit lazy or in a rush. My go to outfit is a blazer layered over a tank or blouse and jeans. Do you guys have a uniform/go-to outfit for those days when you don't have time to really pick out your clothes?

[rings: ASOS | nail polish: Lynnderella - Connect the Dots & Butter London - Teddy Girl]


I cannot even start to describe how much I love this Lynnderella top coat. Believe me, it looks amazing over any colour!

[blazer: Club Monaco | top: H&M | trousers: Zara | flats: Sam Edelman]

Please excuse my sleepy eyes! Every photo that was taken this day I was either blinking or sleepy looking. 

- J

Sunday, April 15, 2012

i feel so close to you right now, it's a force field

[top and suspenders: H&M | skirt: Forever21| black bow flats: Joe Fresh | blue tights: Sears]

A little while back we got our first email from a reader asking me for more outfits with suspenders. I first wore these H&M ones in this post, with a simple blouse and pant combo. Aside from the obvious ways to wear them, they are cute with skirts and shorts as well.

It has been windy and cold lately, so I've been gravitating towards darker colours again. Over the next two weeks, work is sending me to the Montreal office. There is nothing I love more than travelling and getting to travel for work is a rare treat. However, at the moment all I can think of is the work I will be juggling between the two offices.

Hope everyone is having a good day!

- M

Friday, April 13, 2012



TGIF! I'm exhausted from school, but I have one more week left! Feeling kind of bittersweet, going to definitely miss all the new friends I made going back to school (you girlies better keep in touch, you know who you are!).

On an unrelated note, I just realized this polkadot has already made a 3rd appearance on this blog. I can't help it! I guess I really like it. Funny enough, this outfit was put together accidentally. They just so happened to be tossed together in my "to fold" pile of laundry and I was instantly drawn to the colour combo!

[bracelets: Forever 21 & Old Navy]

[top: Everly (M for Mendocino) | skirt: Topshop | scarf: Club Monaco | flats: Liz Claiborne (Winners)]

- J

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

when the night meets the morning star

[black dress: H&M | flats: GAP |  lace tights: unknown]

I'm not one of those people that typically wear sunglasses indoors, but since my eye bags were horrendously large, I made an exception. For me, insanely busy days require ultra simple outfits. Doesn't get much easier than a little black dress. My collection of tights and hosiery is pretty big, so when I don't want to look too boring, there will always be a pair of lace tights to the rescue.

As you can see from the photo, I've hurt my right thumb again in volleyball. It seems more prone to injury now. Hopefully, I'm able to make it through the rest of the season and Warrior's Volleyball training without any more damage.

- M

Monday, April 9, 2012

the morning rain clouds up my window


Excuse my tired eyes...It's a busy time of year for me. School is about to finish for in 2 weeks! People have been asking me if I'm excited about this. Yes and no. This is not my first time graduating post-secondary. This time around I was more prepared, more focused and more studious! I guess graduating isn't as novel this time around. However, I am excited to be finally going in a direction where I want to go! I've come a long way, but have so much still left to go! I'm feeling good though.


Enough with my ramblings though, how do you like my new favorite shirt? Zara, you have outdone yourself this season!

[top: Zara | skirt: Club Monaco | flats: Belle by Sigerson Morrison | bag: Michael Kors]

- J

Saturday, April 7, 2012

will my soul still fill a space

[striped navy cardigan, shorts, yellow socks: Forever 21 | white t: Jacob | flats: GAP | polish: Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow]

I feel drained mentally and physically so I couldn't be happier that it is the long weekend! Still gravitating to my fail-proof yellow and blue combo as you can see. I have a real appreciation for laid-back casual weekends. Sometimes nothing is better than days where there is absolutely nothing that you have to do. In the coming weekends, I've signed up for a volleyball clinic and will be volunteering as a event photographer for a great non-profit organization, so I'm making sure to enjoy easy weekends while I still can.

Hope everyone has a great Easter weekend!

- M

Thursday, April 5, 2012

so you take it down another pill to swallow


So I've just sat here for the last 10 minutes thinking about what to write for this post and my mind is drawing a blank. I guess I'm just preoccupied with all the work left to be done for school as it winds down. 

On a random note, I think I need to cut my hair. It seems to grow so quickly!

[nail polish: Butter London - Teddy Girl]

Finally found a shade of pink cream polish that I really like! 

[blouse: Forever 21 | necklace: H&M | jeans: Joe Fresh | boots: Nine West]

- J

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

and all that counts is here and now

[blouse: Jacob | shorts: Urban Outfitters | flats: Joe Fresh | belt and necklace: H&M]

I think I've mentioned in a previous post that I love anything that has a scalloped edge. I found these shorts a while back at Urban Outfitters and forgot about them until the past weekend. I'm surprised I haven't worn them sooner because they are one of my favourite pairs. My collection of shorts is ever growing. I love short shorts and while I know they have an pending expiry date as I get older, I can't help but gravitate towards them. When you have longer torso and shorter legs, so they do wonders in helping to elongate them.
Too bad shorts aren't office appropriate wear, they would get a lot more wear that way. Maybe if I ever shift into a more creative industry in the future it will be an can dream.

- M

Sunday, April 1, 2012

let it fill the space between

[blazer: City Downtown (George Brown College) | tank: City Uptown (George Brown College) | trousers: Zara | flats: Belle by Sigerson Morrison]

I can't believe it's April already! 

These Zara trousers are probably going to be my new favourite bottoms this season. I just got them about a week ago and all I want to do is wear them all the time. For one, they are comfy. Secondly, they are pale mint green, and lastly they have that cool ombre denim colour effect going on at the top. 

I really have to say that everything looks amazing in Zara this season, there is so much that I want to buy from there. They make it really hard to stick to my budget haha.


Lastly, I leave you with this random outtake which looks kind of fun. Not quite sure what Bee was doing with my camera when this happened, but I enjoy it.


- J