Friday, March 16, 2012

you know i dream in colour

[ring: H&M | nail polish: Essie Lilacism, Topshop - Heart of Gold & American Apparel - Meteor Shower]


Hooray! Spring is nearly here! These jeans were a surprise buy from Sirens (a store I haven't visited since high school). I saw them on the mannequin in the window and decided that I needed some baby pink denim in my life, haha. 

The socks were a last minute decision in the morning and I decided they would add a small fun detail to my outfit overall. I bought the socks last year and never wore them, mainly because I usually only like to solid wear black or white socks. I can't seem to get into coloured or patterned socks, tights are a different story though.

[sweater: Old Navy | shirt: H&M | necklace: Forever 21 | jeans: Sirens | socks: H&M | shoes: ALDO]

- J


  1. Is that the ON sweater? twinsies! :) And I've noticed a trend where local bloggers score great deals at Sirens (incl. you!) I haven't visited that place since grade 11!! Maybe I should drop by sometime :)

    As always, LOVE YOUR NAILS!!!! <3

    1. Thanks Kristy!

      Haha and yes, that IS the Old Navy sweater! Sirens is still pretty much how I remember it being since my high school days, still gotta filter out all the tacky club wear, but they do have some cute pieces here and there.

  2. You know.. I saw that starfish ring online, but NEVER came across it in stores! Which mall did you get it from? I don't think I need it since I have a starfish cuff, but it definitely intrigues me! Love the colours you're wearing here btw. : )

    1. Thanks!

      I got the ring at the Eaton Centre location. Haha, I have a starfish cuff too!