Friday, March 30, 2012

dry my eyes so you don't know

[faux leather moto jacket: Silence and Noise | striped yellow sweater: Old Navy | tank: Forever21 | cobalt blue pants and hair ring: H&M | flats: GAP | polish: Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow]

I really like primary colours together and in particular, blue and yellow. You can tell I've been fully embracing colour lately! The last couple of weeks have been a bit stressful and and it won't be until the end of next month until I feel my life will return to some form of normalcy. I make a conscious effort to dress brighter to help elevate my mood and to compensate for any drops in energy level.

The weather has been all over the place but I was able to take my new faux leather jacket out of the closet the past weekend. It was one of the buys from boxing day on my annual post-holiday shopping trip with J.

I'm looking forward to having a lazy weekend...or at least as lazy as my schedule will allow!

- M


  1. Definitely loving the bright color combo, especially that striped sweater! I was eyeing on the green+navy combo, but they ran out of my size -_-

    Hope you'll have a relaxing weekend!!

    1. haha spotting something only to see there aren't any left in your size is the normally puts me on an obsessive hunt for the item after.